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Tópico: EDG Nemesis EDG Nemesis v4.4 DM500 CCcam2.2.1_max20a By meteor

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    Padrão EDG Nemesis EDG Nemesis v4.4 DM500 CCcam2.2.1_max20a By meteor

    EDG Nemesis EDG Nemesis v4.4 DM500 CCcam2.2.1_max20a
    By meteor

    ** New 2 Piece bootlogo used.

    ** 2 bootlogo EasyLogo changed with v1.2.

    ** Original skin max20a skins were used instead of ...

    Special Thanks maximuss

    ** Available in English and Turkish languages ...
    (Other languages can be downloaded addonsdan)

    ** Integrated with CCcam 2.2.1.

    ** Entedredir CCcam info 1.1.

    ** Extra addons integrated.

    ** Ecminfo integrated.

    ** EasyLogo enyegredir v1.2.

    Teletext ** is available.

    ** 4 satellite satellite used in the xml (Turksat-Hotbird-Astra Eutelsat W3A-19)

    ** Channel list, help button can be done side by side with the channel list.

    ** Occupancy rate is 18% ...

    ** Dream Up and loaded with Flashwizard.

    --- Image has been tested and given to the forum.
    --- However, the responsibility belongs downloaded.
    --- SMF does not accept responsibility.

    ** Before installing your backup should seek ...

    ** After installation, there Cccam.cfg backup / etc get out of
    Make your adjustments need to install the LNB and channel list.
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