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Tópico: Gemini 4.20 DM500 E1-Xface-MD_By meteor

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    Padrão Gemini 4.20 DM500 E1-Xface-MD_By meteor

    Gemini 4.20 DM500 E1-Xface-MD_By meteor

    An emulator is not installed on any ...!!!

    ** Original skin skins were used instead of E1-Xface-MD
    Ozelliklidir.Picon picon-etc into the file in the skin have
    Simply install ...

    4.70 ** versiyonunuda use if they wish ...

    ** No Time Bomb!

    ** available in English and Turkish languages ...
    (Other languages can be downloaded addonsdan)

    ** 2 x bootlogo used.
    2. can be changed with bootlogo EasyLogo.

    ** EasyLogo 1.2 integrated.

    ** CCcam info 1.1 integrated.

    ** Ecminfo integrated.

    ** 9 units integrated into an extra addons.

    Teletext ** is available.

    ** Channel list, help button can be done side by side with the channel list.

    ** 4 satellite satellite used in the xml (Turksat-Hotbird-Astra Eutelsat W3A-19)

    ** Occupancy rate is 16%.

    ** Before installing your backup Take necessarily ...

    --- Image has been tested and given to the forum.
    --- However, the responsibility belongs downloaded.
    --- SMF does not accept responsibility.

    ** Before installing your backup Take necessarily ...

    ** After installation, there Cccam.cfg backup / etc get out of
    LNB make your adjustments, from the addons to install an emulator, and
    Simply upload your list of channels.

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