Ver Versão Completa : NEMESIS 2.4 [101r1] Dual Enigma dm 800se Ferrari ssl82F

11-12-2011, 14:41
NEMESIS 2.4 [101r1] Dual Enigma dm 800se Ferrari ssl82F-kobra



- Webinterface
- Mediaplayer
- Timeshift
- Wlan
- usb/dvb-t
- CrossEPG
- Extra.url
- Ferrari AddOns Manager
- TS panel
- New spinner


- Vhannibal motor 8/1


- Army gradient
- HD glas 15

Timeline 101r1
secondstage is SSL82F

Fixed EPG data loss at the transition between Enigma2 modes
Removed unused entry(Backup EPG, Save EPG) on Green Panel in Mode 1
Fix CrossEPG on Mode 1 (Enigma2 3.2) on dm7020hd
Add possibility to choice demux for CrossEPG

Blue->Yellow->EPG Configuration->CrossEPG demux
Small fix on default Skin
Update radio.mvi screen logo
Add enable/disable deepstandby function on front power button long press

Blue->Yellow->Setup Console/RC/Enigma->Enable deepstandby on front power button long press
Add new choice "do nothing" on RC 'Action on long powerbutton press'
Add Unwanted Reboot Manager

Blue->Yellow->Setup Console/RC/Enigma->Go to standby after (unwanted) reboot
Update skin default
Replace HD-Glass-15 skin to old skin default
Fix HDD info on Device Status Panel
Update Plugin StayUP, Fix load epg on Mode 1
Fix Mode 2 on dm7020hd now enigma run in both mode 1 & 2
Load EPG in a cache without restart Enigma2 on E2 3.2.1 (Thank's Dr.Best)

No plugin epgloader need!!!! Plese do not install it!!!!
If you have epgloader plugin in your box, please remove it, before upgrade
Update Linux Kernel (Small fix)
Update bootlogo
Update dreambox-dvb-modules to 2011109 dm500hd, 800, 800se, 8000
Update dreambox-dvb-modules to 2011121 dm7020hd
Update Mode 1 enigma2 to 3.2.1
Partially rewrited Green Panel (Epg Control Center)
Fix crash on Mode 2 on System Info (Yellow and Blue Button)
Fix crash on Mode 2 using new setting created by Blindscan (I hope :))
Fix loading kernel module for rt3070 based WIFI Adapter
Fix skin to support new Harddisk Manager
Update Italian translation
Update enigma2-plugins

After updating, and reboot, you do mount HDD with new Harddisk Manager!


NEMESIS 2.4 [101r1] Dual Enigma dm 800se Ferrari ssl82F-kobra (http://linuxsat-support.com/redirect-to/?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.multiupload.com%2FUYPO0 VN10R)

23-12-2011, 23:01

Não consigo meter esta imagem.
Aparece-me uma mensagem a dizer old version e não instala.

alguma solução ???