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  1. ‘Floating bin’ is moored on the river Thames
  2. Britons face shared baths and standpipes as driest year on record looms
  3. Father and brother ‘threatened to kill' Harry Potter star Afshan Azad
  4. School helper drank over one bottle of vodka before driving but avoids prison
  5. ‘The Gumtree killer’ is jailed for 30 years
  6. Cancer patient's hair disaster meant £2,000 hair weave had to be ripped off
  7. Baby P social worker wins libel payout from council
  8. Cerebral palsy sufferer baffles doctors and takes art world by storm
  9. Parliament Square peace campaigners get ready to stage an eviction protest
  10. .Teenage loner conned wannabe models to strip off on webcams
  11. NHS ‘wastes £330m on short stays’
  12. Girl, 5, dies after being crushed by electronic gate
  13. Cuts of 40% will wreck services, warns Labour
  14. Suicide mother Cathy Madden 'spoke to chaplain' moments before death
  15. Turkey YouTube ban challenged by web rights group
  16. Cocaine-smuggling submarine uncovered in Ecuadorian jungle
  17. Police uncover Raoul Moat's camp and second letter
  18. British troops to be replaced with US forces in Afghanistan’s Sangin area
  19. Brit dies in Ibiza after drunken balcony plunge
  20. Gay asylum seekers granted UK entry in court appeal
  21. Prawns high on Prozac as drug waste contaminates UK coast
  22. Journalist Simon Wright faces trial over dressing room fan
  23. Barack Obama insists ties with Israel will be as strong as ever
  24. Curry spices could cut greenhouse gas emissions
  25. Did Raoul Moat walk through town centre despite huge manhunt?
  26. Health alert issued as temperature set to rise to 32°C
  27. Stephen Lawrence 'suspect' jailed for drug dealing
  28. Nanny died from 'sexual excitement' while using vibrator and watching pornography
  29. Three guilty of plotting liquid explosive attacks
  30. Stop and search powers curbed
  31. Jamie Oliver scores victory with rise in healthy school dinners
  32. Baby P GP ‘guilty of serious breach of professional duty’, GMC rules
  33. US and Russia take part in largest spy swap since Cold War
  34. 'Elephant man' has world's first full face transplant
  35. Police search serial killer Peter Tobin's former homes
  36. I bear no malice, says Raoul Moat police victim
  37. Carnage as World Cup bomb kills 64 in Uganda
  38. BP begins new operation to halt Gulf oil spill
  39. Fidel Castro all smiles in rare public appearance in Cuba
  40. British drivers paying £10bn in fines
  41. London has 'worst food in Europe', Birmingham 'most boring city'
  42. BP's new cap on oil well raises hopes
  43. Rogue Afghan soldier kills three British troops
  44. Crime levels drop to lowest level since Yorkshire Ripper terrorised Britain
  45. EasyJet's Stelios Haji-Loannou wins damages from Ryanair over lying slur
  46. Brits 'throw 35 million sickies a year'
  47. Two ‘maniacs’ face life for killing sleeping chef
  48. Facebook defiant over tributes to killer Raoul Moat
  49. Tattoo and paint job seal lying thug’s fate
  50. Zimbabwe to sell diamonds despite ban
  51. Special forces lead hunt for rogue Afghan soldier
  52. Burka ban voted in by French parliament after 'walking coffin' jibe
  53. Head teacher 'worth every penny of £276k salary' say parents
  54. Big Society 'not a cover for cuts', claims Cameron
  55. Burka ban on women is ruled out as ‘un-British’
  56. 16,000 Britons stranded on holiday after tour operator Goldtrail collapses
  57. Boy run over on motorway after wedding row
  58. 45 killed as suicide bomber hits militia lining up for wages in Iraq
  59. 200-yr-old champagne found aboard seabed shipwreck
  60. Bernie Madoff's wife is working to 'atone for his sins'
  61. Ecstasy 'helps soldiers overcome shell shock'
  62. BP Deepwater Horizon oil leak ‘may be over in two weeks’
  63. Footballer's daughter Sibylle Sibierski in ‘mephedrone suicide’
  64. TV survival expert Ray Mears helped police find Raoul Moat
  65. Sex-mad killer husband Brent Mott ‘staged crash with wife’s body’
  66. Low pay Asda campaigners slip secret notes into clothing
  67. £7.7m lottery winners go back to work
  68. Naked Anna Chapman doll hits the web
  69. China storms claim 1,000 as agency warn the worst is yet to come
  70. French minister Eric Woerth’s wife faces job probe over L'Oreal fortune
  71. HIV infection rate has doubled in over-50s
  72. Father who 'slit thoats' of wife and two children named as Andrew Case
  73. Fattest woman in Britain 'eats herself to death'
  74. Teenagers locked up over 'happy slapping' death
  75. Man with world's first full face transplant revealed to TV cameras
  76. BP to pay Tony Hayward millions to go now
  77. Moscow covered in thick smog from heatwave fires
  78. Vladimir Putin rides into town on Harley-Davidson
  79. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange defends whistleblower website
  80. Paramedic quizzed after nurse Jane Clough is stabbed to death in hospital car park
  81. Hot weather for the UK this week, with 26C highs
  82. Love Parade deaths: Britons recall stamp marks on dead fans’ faces
  83. BP stations closed by activists as £20.8bn losses are revealed
  84. Paramedic held on killing of nurse Jane Clough
  85. Sex guru Michael Lyons who claimed he had 'organic manhood' abused female followers
  86. Boy dies while hiding in tumble dryer
  87. 999 operators let down mother murdered by ex
  88. Parents of quadruplets welcome home all four children
  89. 80-year-old thrill-seeking granny is looking for her next adrenaline fix
  90. Brit given a key to 'unlock' the internet
  91. Gipsy rights worker in £2.6m benefits con
  92. Jailers ‘set gangs loose to murder’
  93. Khmer Rouge jail chief gets 19 years for killings
  94. British Gas profits jump 98%, but energy bills could climb by a third
  95. £10,000 bill for friend to pay over Facebook paedophile ‘joke’
  96. Obama declares an end to the Iraq war
  97. Iranian president Ahmadinejad challenges Obama to TV debate
  98. Pakistan flood leaves 1,100 dead
  99. Police calm fears after campaigners claim Sarah’s Law may backfire
  100. Milk of cloned cows' offspring 'is sold in Britain'
  101. RSPCA: ‘Status’ pets that pay with their life
  102. Ryanair: Violins will cost you £1,340 extra
  103. Woman who twice cried rape spared jail for baby
  104. Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky married in lavish wedding
  105. Brits don't think teenagers are surly and rude
  106. Boris bikers’ fee lifted after glitch
  107. Britons face Spain holiday misery after air strike vote
  108. Millionaire jailed over helicopter rage attack
  109. Baronet’s son kills himself after love split
  110. TV executive gets 18 months for manslaughter
  111. Headmaster ‘sexually abused boys at midnight feasts’
  112. Daredevil team to cross the globe on jet skis in cancer charity challenge
  113. Fox beaters boast of kill in web film posted on Facebook
  114. Home-alone Georgia, 12, kicks intruder in groin
  115. Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari: War with Taliban is being lost
  116. Flooding threatens to overwhelm major dam
  117. Spanish beaches closed after invasion of stinger jellyfish
  118. Naomi Campbell: I was given dirty rocks from Charles Taylor
  119. Mum to be quizzed over death of three children
  120. Rise in male infertility linked to plastic food and drink cartons
  121. Russian man 'ate grandmother alive'
  122. Pakistan flood victims scour ruins for food as aid fails to reach thousands
  123. David Cameron's 'fixed-term' council house plan not backed by Lib Dems
  124. Online identity theft gang suspects arrested over £3m scams
  125. Rottweilers that attacked 10-yr-old were like 'killing machines'
  126. Double dip fears for UK house prices
  127. 'Bloodgate' rugby doctor Wendy Chapman escapes ban
  128. Raoul Moat 'killed himself before Tasers were used'
  129. Kick boxer arrested over US Marine's murder in Thailand
  130. Vacuum cleaning ‘could cut cancer deaths by 10,000’
  131. Mortgage lending takes a £432m dive
  132. Child porn pervert with 'Emma Watson pictures' given community order
  133. Tia Davies: The four-year-old girl allergic to daylight
  134. Pakistan flood waters recede, allowing thousands to return home
  135. Tube strikes to go ahead as talks fail
  136. Summer sun is back for Britons - but only for one weekend
  137. Killer father's suicide note: I hope I rot in hell
  138. William Hague: I went public because of false internet claims
  139. Ambulance driver could lose job for speeding to save a life
  140. 2.5 million British men too fat to see their own penis
  141. Teenager left with 'terribly serious disabilities' wins £4m in compensation
  142. Cheap mince is ‘threat’ to beef industry
  143. Discovery Channel gunman shot dead by police
  144. Hurricane Earl forces thousands to evacuate Ocracoke Island
  145. Dumped oil hits Goa beaches
  146. 'Cheating husband into kinky sex murdered wife'
  147. Four police fine veteran for cycling on pavement
  148. Jubilant killer cheered after he bottled victim
  149. Police forces spend £1.5million on ‘gimmicks’
  150. Pub shut down after horses ride in
  151. Rejected Britain's Got Talent wannabe Emma Czikai fails in discrimination bid
  152. 15-year-old maths genius to become youngest Cambridge undergraduate
  153. Dan Brown is 'most unwanted author'
  154. English wine beats French champagnes to top award
  155. Hopes low as Middle East peace talks begin
  156. Thousands gather to mourn Pakistan bomb victims
  157. Oil slick seen by burning rig in Gulf of Mexico
  158. Tube strike misery for millions of passengers
  159. Britain needs health czar to stop 20,000 deaths
  160. Drunken Briton dies in holiday balcony stunt
  161. Andy Coulson faces call to go over phone hacking allegations
  162. Girl sent back home from school for wearing wrong shade of green
  163. Wheel clampers call driver a ‘blind moron’
  164. British holidaymaker Gareth Hall is paralysed in hotel pool
  165. ‘Reign of terror’ headmaster jailed for 21 years
  166. Jess the dog hurled to her death by cruel yob
  167. Plumber finds WWII PoW camp in his back garden
  168. Man barred from work for being too fat
  169. Accused wife killer had gymnastic sex sessions
  170. New Zealand earthquake was 'like The Exorcist'
  171. Thousands gather to mourn Pakistan bomb victims
  172. Wealthy businessman shot ex-wife ‘to stop her taking cash’
  173. MPs to hold journalist ‘phone hack’ investigation
  174. Boris Johnson to seek re-election as London mayor
  175. 12-year-old girl found drunk in London bar
  176. Jobs blight ‘will last for 14 years’ warn unions
  177. Former RAF engineer found five times over drink-drive limit
  178. Meredith Kercher family slams 'horrible' Amanda Knox movie
  179. 'Brits? They’re not fit to work' blasts Dutch boss
  180. Firm fined £20,000 after ex-Para dies in blender
  181. ‘Chemical suicide’ couple dead in car
  182. London to Frankfurt train could be departing in 2013
  183. Royal Marines hand control of Sangin to US forces
  184. Nick Clegg denies he has sold out his party
  185. A nuclear strike can cripple our digital life
  186. A wedding match made at a christening font
  187. Twitter-mad mother posts live updates in 13-hour birth
  188. ..Woman threatens France with suicide bomb attack after burka ban
  189. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Carla Bruni is no prostitute
  190. 'Foxy Knoxy' lands Christmas starring role
  191. Soldiers killed as Afghan poll hit by deadly attacks
  192. .Doctors ‘ping-ponged’ Clementine Nicholson, 17, dying of meningitis
  193. Tall schoolgirl 'can't find skirt that isn't too short'
  194. Gang ‘kicked Ben Gardner to death in row over stolen Halloween hat’
  195. Brits 'must save £6k more per year into pensions'
  196. Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel's troops must run borders with Palestine
  197. Woman threatens France with suicide bomb attack after burka ban
  198. Tetley accused of violating human rights after three worker deaths
  199. 'Al-Qaeda' London terror plot foiled
  200. Teenager forced to drink her brain fluid daily to relieve migraine pain
  201. 15-year-old boys arrested over murder of girl
  202. Man's life support 'turned off by mistake'
  203. Al-Qaeda boss escaped as British Army helicopter ran low on fuel
  204. Woman ‘left in grave after digger row’
  205. Blind man's jaw broken for bumping into thug by accident
  206. Stress blamed for long-term sickness in public sector
  207. Andy Carroll fined £1,000 for assault at Blu Bambu nightclub
  208. Nick Clegg hints university tuition fees will be capped
  209. Christmas dinner Pot Noodle launched to support troops
  210. 58-year-old fridge has travelled the world and still in top condition
  211. Robert Mugabe left in turmoil by wife's 'affair'
  212. Mexico house party ends in massacre as 13 are killed
  213. Italian city of Castellammare di Stabia to ban miniskirts
  214. Britain slips down league of most successful countries
  215. British Airways soars with pre-tax profits of £158 million
  216. Student predicted his own death on Twitter
  217. Boris Johnson does a U-turn over housing row
  218. UK is the fattest nation in Europe
  219. Tracey Emin forger is jailed
  220. Prince William and Kate Middleton back PM's call for national holiday
  221. Fatal car crash graduate Tracy Wale died texting behind the wheel
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  238. Gatwick Airport shut as snow brings Britain to standstill
  239. Britain ‘was involved’ in the torture of terrorist
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