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  1. USA Today - 26 September 2012
  2. Daily Star 2012.09.27
  3. Top judge joins the queen and pm in 'fury' at abu hamza farce: So why is he still here?
  4. Elixir of youth: New pill set to reverse ageing
  5. Britain braced for yet more wet weather in september storms
  6. Megan stammers 'found safe and well in france'
  7. Seven british tourists among the 19 dead in nepal plane crash
  8. Cancer risk in portion of chips
  9. Arctic blast on the way
  10. Teacher is arrested as couple plan a secret life in france
  11. Carol vorderman's curves that caught her new love
  12. Teacher trapped in bar sting
  13. Middletons united as naked kate pictures are published
  14. We owe parents £23bn for homes
  15. Girl, 14, charged with murder of Junior Nkwelle, 15, in Brixton
  16. Mother discovered on FACEBOOK her daughter, 30, had died - and when she rang her mobile a policeman answered
  17. Pension boost for 9m britons
  18. Outrage at £1bn cost of eu's 'travelling circus'
  19. Duchess of cambridge 'saddened' at death of 15-year-old boy she met on far east tour
  20. Cutting immigration is ludicrous, says labour
  21. 'mr leader' miliband scrapes the barrel with mitt romney joke to open labour conference sp
  22. Duchess of cornwall cancels engagements due to illness
  23. Still no sign of snatched april jones, 5, as desperate search continues
  24. Bomber command heroes betrayed by heartless mod
  25. Abu hamza: I’m too ill for britain to kick me out
  26. The New York Times - Wednesday, October 3, 2012
  27. International Herald Tribune October 03 2012
  28. Financial Times Europe October 03 2012
  29. Daily Express - Wednesday, October 3 - 2012
  30. The Guardian - Wednesday, October 3 2012
  31. The SUN with TvBiZ - October 3 October 2012
  32. Don't give up hope: Hundreds hunt for missing april as family launch pink ribbon campaign
  33. Judge blasts euro law that allows prisoners appeal on jail slopping out
  34. Eurozone creates '£40bn back-up plan' for spain to avoid bailout
  35. April jones murder inquiry launched as search continues
  36. Victory for our bomber command heroes
  37. Bbc 'allows 25,000 staff to avoid tax'
  38. We'll never give up on april
  39. X factor? It's strictly no contest
  40. Rail fiasco boss was at failing ukba
  41. Jimmy savile sex abuse: Police investigate 120 leads
  42. Pm admits referendum on eu is 'cleanest' and 'simplest' way
  43. Angela merkel arrives to swastikas and protests in greece
  44. Pm vows not to let britain slide and gets behind 'the strivers and doers'
  45. Abu hamza snubs us judge
  46. Samantha cameron is a true blue as she supports her hubbie pm
  47. Cost of your weekly shop to rocket
  48. David cameron bids for an “aspiration nation”
  49. Send the navy, urge fishermen in scallops war with french
  50. Nhs neglect killed our babies
  51. ‘jimmy savile abused me at school – and i was punished for speaking out’
  52. War-time land girls march into history
  53. Mother and four children die in 'arson attack'
  54. Home secretary to seize 130 powers back from eu
  55. We can walk out on the eu says michael gove
  56. British ambassador infuriates argentina with falkland islands 'cowards' tweet
  57. Home secretary blocks extradition of hacker gary mckinnon
  58. Britain’s first step to eu exit
  59. French 'invade' british waters
  60. Britons face £270m a year bill to pay for eu pensions
  61. Uk employment at record high
  62. 'cameron proposed energy plan without minister's knowledge'
  63. Statins slash cancer risk
  64. Police taser blind man after mistaking his stick for a samurai sword
  65. Cameron: 'what matters is we get the best deal for britain' in europe
  66. New chaos over your energy bill
  67. Cut red tape, david cameron tells europe
  68. Families run out of cash
  69. Strictly's lisa riley enjoys a night of hanky panky
  70. Nhs is accused of wasting £2billion
  71. Heavy fog causes travel chaos ahead of 'blood rain'
  72. New bounce in housing market
  73. Blitz on work-shy begins today
  74. Britain to review power of eu in 30 reports which will take two years
  75. Millions must work forever
  76. David cameron in showdown with germany over eu
  77. Peer slammed for 'national service' plan urging retired to work or lose pensions
  78. Prisoners 'to get votes as ministers cave in to eu laws'
  79. Foreign families rake in benefits
  80. Double-dip recession is over as british recovery gets back on track
  81. Oaps told: Work or lose pension
  82. Arctic blast on way: Snow alert as first freeze hits
  83. Former italian premier silvio berlusconi to be jailed for four years
  84. Britain set for cold snap as first winter freeze hits
  85. Edf energy joins price hike
  86. Bbc telethon hit by jimmy savile crisis
  87. Strictly's victoria pendleton's frocky horror show
  88. Energy blunders kill corner shops
  89. Tories left defending stance on eu budget as labour attempts to steal thunder
  90. Alzheimer's treatment delays disease for up to a year
  91. Britain set to freeze in long arctic winter
  92. Daily Express - terça-feira, 30 outubro, 2012
  93. Financial Times Europa - terça-feira 30 de outubro de 2012
  94. The New York Times - terça - feira, outubro 30, 2012
  95. O Wall Street Journal - 30 de outubro de 2012 (Ásia)
  96. The SUN with TvBiZ - Tuesday, 30 October 2012
  97. The Guardian - Tuesday, 30 October 2012
  98. 'major disaster' declared in the wake of superstorm sandy
  99. Anger at britain's £37m a day eu bill
  100. Tony blair: It’s time for a european president
  101. Pm faces showdown over eu budget as even labour back calls for cuts
  102. Migrants rush to get our jobs
  103. Superstorm leaves 39 dead and ‘unthinkable devastation'
  104. Nick clegg hits out at eu budget cuts vote and warns britain has 'no hope' of forcing it
  105. Seven easy ways to beat arthritis
  106. Cameron humiliated as rebel tories vote for eu spending cuts
  107. Politician to be outed as paedophile on newsnight
  108. Here comes the snow: Superstorm to bring uk arctic blast this weekend
  109. Beat dementia with just half an hour’s exercise
  110. Now eu wants 20% vat on new houses
  111. Strictly's darcey bussell is now ok, yah
  112. Ken clarke sparks eu budget confusion
  113. Tory rapist will be named by steven messham
  114. Downton abbey's scarlet lady rose
  115. £140k pay-out for bank's ppi victim
  116. David cameron calls for greater unity with middle east on tour of the gulf
  117. Britain hit by ice, floods and snow
  118. Eu referendum inevitable, says iain duncan smith
  119. David cameron vows to fight for taxpayers as he attacks "completely ludicrous" eu budget
  120. Crooked eu wastes £89bn in one year
  121. Bake off maestro paul hollywood: Life as i know it
  122. Top tory lord mcalpine denies link to child abuse scandal
  123. Illegal migrants amnesty scandal
  124. Andrew 'pleb' mitchell defends £16m foreign aid to ‘rogue’ state
  125. Now even the eu wants us to leave
  126. Arthritis: My miracle cure
  127. Hero dog saves man from river
  128. Tv blackout for millions
  129. Bbc's george entwistle gets mauled live on air
  130. George osborne under pressure as 'petrol rise 'will stall a recovery'
  131. Smiling abu qatada goes free as deputy pm vows to deport the hate cleric
  132. Uk inflation soars to 5-month high and pensioners 'will be hit hardest'
  133. Exercise beats arthritis pain
  134. Utter shambles: Nine in 10 voters ignore ballot for 'unwanted' police commissioners
  135. Fury as abu qatada demands a new house
  136. Ex-radio 1 dj dave lee travis arrested by jimmy savile police
  137. Return of the bin bag spies
  138. A record £27m raised but bbc fudges apology
  139. New commissioners face budget deadline
  140. Eu plotting secret budget deals excluding britain
  141. Abu qatada plans to sue britain for £10m
  142. Short-changed retirees due a bigger pension
  143. Eu continues wrangle over greek bailout as france's credit-rating is downgraded
  144. Energy bills could fall by £300 as pm forces lowest prices
  145. Secret eu plot to stitch up britain
  146. Cameron and hollande battle over eu budget as france fights for its farm subsidies
  147. Storms claim first victim as 100mph gales batter britain
  148. Take £8bn pay cut pm tells eu
  149. Ukip 'at war' with the tories as nigel farage rejects fabricant pact
  150. Healthy heart is key to fighting dementia
  151. Woman killed by tree in storm mayhem
  152. Icy blast will last a month
  153. It’s war: Ukip’s fury over david cameron pact
  154. Helen flanagan leaves the i'm a celebrity jungle in tears
  155. Tony blair blasts eurosceptics as a virus and calls for britain to accept eu 'destiny'
  156. Statins are key to long life
  157. Arctic blast to hit uk today with three inches of snow by weekend
  158. International Herald Tribune from Thursday, 29. November 2012
  159. USA Today - 29 November 2012
  160. DAILY STAR - 29 Thursday, November 2012
  161. Daily Express - 29 Thursday November 2012
  162. Killer freeze health alert
  163. Jubilant ukip celebrate best ever by-election result
  164. 82 per cent of brits 'support' assisted suicide
  165. More flood chaos on way
  166. Kate goes back to school... But why did they call her squeak?
  167. Alarm as attacks on nhs medical staff soar to 60,000 a year
  168. Queen elizabeth ii throws party to lift palace gloom
  169. Petrol price tops financial worries in which? Poll
  170. Hard-up families cut back on christmas food
  171. A royal baby at last! Duchess of cambridge is pregnant
  172. Home cover soars due to floods
  173. Demands grow for eu to slash costly quangos
  174. Terror hotspots revealed as new research finds terrorism has quadrupled since iraq war
  175. Baby joy for kate and william
  176. Propping up euro ‘could spark meltdown’
  177. George osborne squeezes middle class in raid on wealthy pensions
  178. Home counties wake up to snow as commuters face travel hell
  179. Countryside is under threat in migrant surge
  180. Smiling duchess kate finally goes home after four days in hospital
  181. Pensions up taxes down
  182. David cameron ‘dithering’ over referendum to quit eu
  183. Receptionist at centre of duchess of cambridge hoax call dies in suspected suicide
  184. Coldest week for 20 years is on way
  185. Outrage at £1.5billion hike in taxpayers’ handout to eu
  186. Agony of kate hoax nurse's family
  187. Did royal guards let down prince william and princess kate?
  188. Now friends of australian dj mel greig 'at breaking point' fear for her safety
  189. 'worst call of my life' australian djs break silence over nurse's death after hoax call
  190. Diabetes crisis to cripple nhs
  191. Nurse 'died of shame' after hoax, says victim's brother
  192. International Herald Tribune from Tuesday, 11. December 2012
  193. The SUN with TvBiZ - Tuesday, 11 December 2012
  194. The Wallstreet Journal (Europe) December 11 2012
  195. DAILY STAR - 11 Tuesday, December 2012
  196. Daily Express - 11 Tuesday December 2012
  197. Immigrant population soars as one in eight britons are foreign-born
  198. Stay active to beat dementia
  199. Britain frozen solid as 'beast from the east' roars in
  200. Britain's elderly face battle to stay warm this winter
  201. Uk in furious clash with north korea over test of 'nuclear' missile that could hit london
  202. Freezing fog causes travel chaos across uk
  203. Pm should defend britain's sovereignty against eu superstate, warn mps
  204. New alert over slimming pill
  205. The queen gets a golden glow at the bank of england
  206. Britain's borders 'at risk' under labour despite miliband's tough talk, warns top tory
  207. Millions at risk from high blood pressure
  208. The queen finds out why we're all so hard up
  209. Schools in us on lockdown over armed 'suspicious person'
  210. Now pensions wrecked by new 20% cut
  211. Neighbours’ anger as abu qatada moves in
  212. 'britain's obsession with political correctness is driving voters to ukip'
  213. Cure for high blood pressure
  214. Nigella lawson voted britain's most sexy over fifty female
  215. Bbc was 'incapable of dealing with jimmy savile newsnight chaos'
  216. How to beat winter vomiting outbreak
  217. Tina hobley: Life as i know it
  218. Arthritis drug could beat dementia
  219. Finally, war heroes get the honour they richly deserve
  220. Smokers face brussels blitz
  221. A wet, wet, wet weekend
  222. No benefits for beer and drugs
  223. Christmas getaway chaos as floods and signal failures grind britain to a halt
  224. Christmas comes early for shoppers
  225. The great (soggy) getaway
  226. David cameron praises 'calm and reasonable' andrew mitchell
  227. Kgb: We bugged royals
  228. Flood chaos strikes britain
  229. Oh no it isn't, oh yes it is.. The panto
  230. Flood chaos to last until new year
  231. Prince philip goes solo as the queen misses church service
  232. How keith richards and the stones just keep on giving
  233. The Wallstreet Journal (Europe) December 24 2012
  234. The SUN with TvBiZ - Monday, 24 December 2012
  235. Daily Express - 24 Monday December 2012
  236. DAILY STAR - 24 Monday, December 2012
  237. Proof statins save millions from heart attacks
  238. Ten million shoppers in race for boxing day bargains
  239. Kate winslet marries boyfriend ned rocknroll in new york
  240. Storm chaos to ruin new year
  241. We face new bill for abu qatada after address is leaked
  242. Sir bradley wiggins and jessica ennis cbe
  243. Prince william's christmas bust-up
  244. Whitehall flunkies pocket £132m in bonuses
  245. Newlywed kate takes a titanic risk with cash
  246. New hope to beat pain of arthritis
  247. 23,000 police moonlight... One’s even a pole dancer
  248. Why men really do fall for women in killer high heels
  249. International Herald Tribune from Monday/Tuesday, 31./01. December/January 2012/2013
  250. The SUN with TvBiZ - Monday, 31 December 2012