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  1. Kind-hearted boxer Amir Khan heads to Greece on mission to rescue refugees
  2. Woman suffers 'significant' burns after acid thrown over her face on night out
  3. Muslim drug dealer rapped for sweary rant at air-hostesses when jet ran out of Halal food
  4. Send in the army: Hungary to start 'shooting' refugees
  5. Tragedy as tourist dies at Taj Mahal 'while taking a selfie'
  6. Weed farmers growing cannabis among tanks full of human poo
  7. Tropical storm Ida to batter Britain with MORE rain
  8. Mystery as £15,000 worth of ripped-up banknotes appear scattered around city
  9. Astonishing photo shows teen girl SECONDS before she was shot dead by soldier
  10. AK-47 rifles can be bought online and smuggled into the UK in game consoles
  11. Weekend weather scorcher will make it HOTTER THAN MEXICO for Brits
  12. National Lottery results: Winning numbers for Saturday September 26 2015 draw
  13. All Labour and Tories should be HANGED, says far-right party launching London mayor bid
  14. Woman injured after falling four floors from escalator in front of horrified shoppers
  15. Alton Towers victim Vicky Balch wants Smiler Ride to remain shut
  16. Hurricane Joaquin hits the tropics with 120mph – and it is heading our way
  17. 1.2m British motors hit by Volkswagen scandal
  18. Essex plane crash: Two dead after light aircraft comes down in Chigwell field
  19. ISIS decapitate prisoners as Putin's bombers continue to target jihadi strongholds
  20. North Korea warns UK it's ready to launch missiles at ANY time
  21. Homeless woman lay dead in 24-hour McDonald's throughout the night
  22. Cam & eggs: David Cameron receives MORE abuse over alleged pig activities
  23. GRAPHIC CONTENT: Brit tycoon's Porsche ploughs into crowd injuring 28 people
  24. WATCH: 86 dead as terrorists attack peace rally in Turkey capital Ankara
  25. Oh snow! Winter to bite back as Arctic blast is on the way
  26. Ebola nurse who met SamCam in critical condition – PM wife virus alert
  27. British Airways plane crash lands after wheel collapse and engine fire
  28. Islamic State's 'Mrs Terror' issues chilling new warning
  29. Christmas crisis: Britain faces empty shelves as lorry drivers quit at worrying rate
  30. Brit grandfather 'facing 350 lashes' in Saudi jail to be home within a week
  31. Madeleine McCann search winding down as 29 cops are reduced to FOUR
  32. BA jet makes emergency landing just hours after wheel collapse terror
  33. Woman presumed dead turns up alive after 42 years
  34. Taxi crashes into terminal building at Heathrow Airport
  35. Burger King to become first fast food joint to serve BOOZE in UK
  36. BREAKING: Russian plane crashes in South Sudan killing 41 people
  37. Chaos as London Bridge station CLOSES its gates amid safety fears
  38. Mid-air terror as ranting man tries to smash down cockpit door and open emergency exits
  39. SOS measures to bring home stranded Sharm Brits as UK admit plane downed by bomb
  40. Speed cams in switch off as stretch police forces cannot cope with paper work
  41. National Lottery results: Winning numbers for Wednesday November 4 2015 draw
  42. Egypt plane crash: Tragic baby found 21 MILES from jet 'bombed by ISIS'
  43. Britain prepares for HELL STORM battering: Jet stream chaos to strike UK
  44. Britain's fastest speeding motorist films himself flooring luxury cars at up to 192mph
  45. British jihadis 'built jet bomb': Spies say UK nuts downed Egypt plane
  46. Britain 'letting down' allies by not bombing ISIS in Syria says UK defence chief
  47. Remembrance Sunday: Britain to pause to pay respects to war victims today
  48. Man offers room in London flat for £1-a-month – but there's a weird catch
  49. Giant snake capable of devouring a human found in London park
  50. Egypt air disaster will cause world to SHRINK as airlines avoid 'high risk' destinations
  51. Mum charged with rape after 'grooming and bedding daughter's 13-year-old boyfriend'
  52. National Lottery results: Winning numbers for Wednesday November 11 2015
  53. Under fire Fifa president Sepp Blatter has a 'breakdown' after being hopsitalised
  54. France fightback: President Hollande sends 10 fighter jets to bomb ISIS capital Raqqa
  55. Cameron to hire 1,900 more spies to thwart ISIS terror plots
  56. Man with an air rifle at Gatwick Airport due to appear in court
  57. ISIS mastermind behind Paris attacks 'killed in police siege'
  58. TERROR WARNING: Petrifying guidelines on how to deal with attack in Britain released
  59. ‘Carjackers’ dropped boy off at SCHOOL after ‘stealing vehicle with him inside’
  60. Paris jihadi on the run is sex-mad gambling addict dubbed 'The Playboy'
  61. Evil ISIS militants wiped out as Russia rains down bombs in revenge for Paris attacks
  62. Police apologise as seven women deceived into relationships with undercover cops
  63. WATCH: Amazing Russian air strike footage shows ISIS in Syria fleeing like RATS
  64. ISIS 'finished by Xmas' as fanatical killers pummelled to dust by airstrikes
  65. Got 'em: UK launches 18 deadly bomb raids on ISIS after Paris attacks
  66. Russia dispatches missiles to Turkish border after jet shot down
  67. New Paris attacks suspect on the run – but no sign of Europe's Most Wanted Salah Abdeslam
  68. Britain set for icy Arctic storms wreaking havoc between now and CHRISTMAS
  69. Oscar Pistorius GUILTY of MURDERING Reeva Steenkamp
  70. Two Paris attacks suspects arrested after Belgian police swoop
  71. 'I was saucy, cheeky and filthy' DJ Dr Fox says it was 'non-stop banter' at Capital FM
  72. BREAKING: Man stabbed to death in Poundland store
  73. Bomb scare on board Egypt-bound passenger jet
  74. Glasgow bin lorry inquiry: Driver could have avoided crash by telling the truth
  75. Shameless benefits mum-of-eight lands a whopping Christmas present – new four-bed home
  76. Boxing Day shoppers at risk of Paris style terror attack, ISIS expert warns
  77. WATCH: Scary moment truck flips on motorway during killer tornado and heads for driver
  78. Anonymous announce group 'foiled ISIS terror plot' on Christmas Day
  79. Evil alcoholic stabbed wife then cut phone line to stop her calling 999 in chilling attack
  80. National Lottery results: Winning numbers for Saturday December 26 2015 draw
  81. Europe to build Moon town by 2030: Space base will help us discover ALIENS
  82. Lotto couple 'lose £35MILLION': Technical fault on mobile app denies jackpot prize
  83. New Year horror as five people executed by men in military uniforms
  84. Sleeping policemen - literally! Two cops caught dozing in patrol car while on duty
  85. Brit faces 5 years in jail for comparing foreign dish to horse penis
  86. All hail the fashion king: Prince Philip voted as most stylish member of royal family
  87. Hackers could take over Britain's nuclear subs in cyber war
  88. Girl, 12, airlifted to hospital after being mown down by police ca
  89. Bomb threat at office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel
  90. Baby girl mauled by vicious out-of-control dog as she sat in buggy
  91. BOOM! UK launches deadly Brimstone misile attack against ISIS – and it's massive
  92. Donald Trump says dictator Kim Jong-un deserves ‘credit’ for wiping out own uncle
  93. UK braced for 6 inches of SNOW, hail storms and -12C Arctic blast from TOMORROW
  94. 200 ISIS militants olbiterated in revenge attacks for holiday hotspot bombing
  95. Doctor accused of 'pleasuring himself' over a patient in hospital
  96. UK weather mayhem: Snow blanket to cause travel chaos for commuters
  97. ISIS jihadis could 'pose as homeless people' in new city terror threat
  98. Horrified mum finds SPIDER in her Burger King meal
  99. Jihadi joke: Pranksters slammed for dressing as suicide bombers on London train
  100. Companies could pay £1,000 to hire non-EU migrant workers
  101. IKEA boss slates people who buy TOO MUCH furniture
  102. Cop cuts Britain: Reported rape and sex attacks shoot up 39% as police budgets slashed
  103. EU bosses force Britain's borders open: UK expected to take in more than 90,000 migrants
  104. WATCH: ISIS terror snipers pick off targets in chilling Call of Duty-style assassinations
  105. Winning numbers for Saturday January 23 2016
  106. Young mum 'scarred for life' after exploding e-cig splits her eyelid in two
  107. White Dee: My domestic abuse hell at hands of ex
  108. Brit holidaymaker drinks himself to death in 36-hour vodka bucket bender
  109. Cops troll locals by entering unlocked homes and posting pics to Twitter
  110. Millions warned they're living in danger zone of super volcano that could erupt imminently
  111. Most wanted ISIS terrorist annihilated as jihadis fear secret sniper stalking group ONE of the world’s most wanted ISIS
  112. Lotto wash gran says she’ll never play again and feels suicidal after claiming she won
  113. Denver shooting: One dead and several hurt after 'clash between rival biker gangs'
  114. Murder investigation launched after woman and two children killed in 'hammer attack'
  115. Apache attack helicopters ready to obliterate ISIS
  116. Bomb threat on passenger plane at international airport
  117. Adolf Hitler first man on the Moon? Nazi Germany's 'secret space missions' revealed
  118. MH370 never crashed say passengers' families – is this why wreckage never been found?
  119. Fears ISIS jihadis have gained advanced new weapons after ‘shooting down fighter jet’
  120. Top ISIS official does a runner after stealing £60,000 from fuming terrorists
  121. Man dies after falling from bridge onto M62 motorway
  122. There are hundreds of secret nuclear bunkers in Britain ready and waiting for WW3
  123. Seconds from death: ISIS beheads captive with massive three-foot scimitar
  124. PICTURED: CCTV appears to show tragic Viola Beach approaching fatal 80ft canal plunge
  125. Cam’s sham: UKIP leader Farage blasts PM’s Europe deal
  126. Will.i.am offered £2.5m to stay on The Voice
  127. Review: Triple 9 (15) is "familiar but gripping"
  128. Cycling fun in the laid-back French Loire Valley
  129. House blaze horror: First photo of toddlers Jake and Logan killed in fire
  130. NHS crisis: Shocked patients told to 'go home unless you are DYING'
  131. Afghanistan veteran reveals horrific tale of domestic violence with girlfriend
  132. Spanish cops arrest four 'ISIS recruiters' in dawn raids
  133. Mars, Snickers and Celebrations recalled in 55-country chocolate health scare hitting UK
  134. Amazon forced to withdraw memoirs of serial killers who fed victims to pigs
  135. Viola Beach bridge plunge mystery: Driver of tragic band's car 'not asleep or drunk'
  136. Alton Towers faces prosecution after Smiler rollercoaster crash
  137. Rail horror tragedy: Man 'cut in half' after stumbling on train tracks
  138. WOMAN wins £29million lotto jackpot – and gives it ALL away
  139. 'Nine days before Europe's borders collapse' warns EU chief
  140. Sick ISIS starve families in Syria as jihadis feast on lavish meals
  141. BREAKING: Knife-wielding accountant drugs and murders 14 family members at party
  142. National Lottery results: Winning numbers for Saturday February 27 2016 draw
  143. White Easter: Brits braced for -18C spring blast sparked by 'polar plunge'
  144. Bikini-clad women take stand against sick migrant sex attacks
  145. Europe's migrant crisis reaches breaking point after 'battering ram' border clash
  146. David Cameron and Boris Johnson trade blows as Brexit debate ramps up
  147. Armed police haul Brit off easyJet flight after being mistaken for ISIS terrorist
  148. First ISIS commander captured ALIVE in lightning commando raid
  149. North Korea blasts missiles towards Japan after UN hands down fresh sanctions
  150. Nigel Farage: Trump would make a 'great US president' and is good news for Britain
  151. Parents on red alert as white van man 'tries to abduct' young boys in two separate attacks
  152. Oxford baby death: Mum of tragic girl dumped in bushes as young as 14
  153. Death of the British trucker? Government plans army of DRIVERLESS lorries
  154. UK emergency services ‘would not cope with Paris-style attack’
  155. Germanwings pilot who killed 149 ’feared he was losing his sight’
  156. Ticking timebomb: ISIS has 31,000 pregnant women waiting to give birth to new killers
  157. Schoolgirls took 'Snapchat selfie with murder victim' hours before allegedly killing her
  158. McDonald's drink contained something so disgusting that a child ended up in hospital
  159. Maddie McCann 'put at risk': Cops blast investigator for alerting potential kidnappers
  160. Lottery-winning mum blew £700k scratchcard jackpot on cocaine and heroin
  161. Plane passenger arrested after opening door to 'get some fresh air'
  162. Kids at risk of paedo groomers as sexting epidemic engulfs Britain's schools
  163. Man versus burger: £20 monster meal boasts more than 6,000 calories
  164. Blogger shares Kim K style naked selfie and the message behind it is amazing
  165. Lotto gran to sell washing machine that 'ruined her £33m ticket'
  166. Donald Trump 'claims rally protester was ISIS terrorist'
  167. ISIS sickos force sex slaves to have abortions… so they can keep raping them
  168. Brussels shootout: Fleeing 'Paris attacks' gunman shot down with Kalashnikov in hand
  169. Brits face 'rip-off' holidays to 'safe' Spain as travel agents cut terror-hit Turkey fares
  170. Brexit could threaten NATO and leave door open for Putin, warns top US general
  171. Spiked drinks gang targeting holidaying Brits in Spain and stealing their credit cards
  172. REVEALED: Brit Bazza the ISIS slayer is 'on-the-run rapist'
  173. US military chiefs admit America is unprepared for all-out war with Russia or North Korea
  174. Paul O'Grady: 'The NHS nearly killed my sister'
  175. Tragic homeless man ‘drowns after jumping in river for £100 dare’
  176. Jihadis get beheading practice and 'mass murder' lessons in UK prisons
  177. ISIS kills 34 in Brussels terror attacks: Bombs rip through airport and Metro stations
  178. Manhunt for Brussels suspect as CCTV of 'suicide bombers' seconds before blast emerges
  179. British skier plunges 1,000ft to his death at popular French Alps resort
  180. ‘Security nightmare’ Queen will party with 10,000 in Mall despite terror threat
  181. Missile mad: Kim Jong-un sparks more war fears by launching another deadly rocket
  182. Tourists told to keep away from Tunisia hotspots after ISIS jihadis attack travellers
  183. Women warned to stay home after town hit by 'migrant sex attacks'
  184. Mum 'haunted' by abortion decision hanged herself listening to Ed Sheeran's Small Bump
  185. New UK terror warning: Britain's airports 'vulnerable' to Brussels-style attack
  186. Crooks caged after stealing £20k-worth of JAMMIE DODGERS
  187. ISIS vow attack on 'London TOMORROW'
  188. Brazen pervert took photos up woman's skirt at London Tesco checkout
  189. In the buff: X-rated painting of Donald Trump with micropenis goes on display
  190. ISIS 'scoop £140m cash selling antiques on eBay'
  191. National Lottery results: Ticket-holder scoops record £35million jackpot
  192. Panama Papers row: Thousands protest against David Cameron as he admits tax row error
  193. Controlled explosion in Turkey as fears grow over 'credible terrorist threats' to tourists
  194. Heavy drinkers die the same week state bans booze
  195. First picture of mum charged with murder after newborn baby girl found dead
  196. BREAKING: Brussels attack terrorists had originally planned new atrocity in Paris
  197. More than 10% of prisoners in the UK are from abroad - and each costs £65k a year
  198. SAS troopers to patrol the Med: Taskforce ready to protect Brits abroad
  199. North Korea to detonate powerful new nuclear bomb ‘WITHIN WEEKS’
  200. Murder suspect arrested after woman found dead and man critically hurt
  201. REVEALED: Holiday Brits targeted by 'ISIS ice cream men planting bombs under sunbeds'
  202. Drunk Brit 'left party guest brain damaged after fire extinguisher attack in Dubai'
  203. 'Y'all more bothered than me' Rich Kid of Instagram plays down £240k Ferrari Spider crash
  204. Prince found dead at 57: Police investigate mystery death of pop legend
  205. Health scare: Case of TB confirmed at Birmingham school
  206. Pub's ingenious plan for saving customers from bad Tinder dates wows web
  207. Get orf one's lawn, Obama: Queenie bans Barack's choppers from Royal grounds
  208. Harry and Will ‘secretly film parts in next Star Wars Movie’… but will you recognise them?
  209. ISIS monsters FREEZE 45 of their own men for fleeing army troops
  210. 'Four Lions' jihadi suffers premature detonation – killing himself and EIGHT terror mates
  211. Prince Harry admits wearing women's tights in X-rated Radio 2 interview
  212. Snow way: Blizzard to blanket Britain during worst spring for 35 years
  213. London saves Corbyn: Sadiq Khan wins mayor race after Labour mauled in Scotland
  214. Masterchef star Greg Wallace in 'dirty Mac' secret: TV judge loves fast food
  215. Prison officers capture drug-smuggling drone at Pentonville prison
  216. WATCH: Met Police unit takes on the beat in 'best' Running Man Challenge yet
  217. Murder cops probe tower block fire which killed mum and unborn baby
  218. Virgin Atlantic jet declares emergency on approach to Heathrow Airport
  219. 'ISIS Human Bomb on terror tour of UK’: Pics show suspect ‘scouting targets’ as tourist
  220. Boris Johnson in 300,000 UK jobs promise
  221. Bus EXPLODES in quiet London street forcing driver to make hair-raising getaway
  222. Killer mum Kathryn Smith ‘knifed and beaten by inmates as lags watch on’
  223. 'EU like Hitler' Boris Johnson sparks fury by comparing Brussels to Nazi Germany
  224. ‘Black ops’ assault by Brit forces destroys jihadis’ communications
  225. Security guard caught peeing on train in broad daylight
  226. Enormous £16m UK haul of cocaine, heroin and cannabis seized in 'biggest ever' police raid
  227. Grieving parents pay to marry dead son to rotting corpse in 'ghost marriage'
  228. EgyptAir flight MS804 crash: Bodies and suitcases pulled out of water at crash site
  229. Sainsbury's stabbing: Horror as four women knifed in 'unprovoked attack'
  230. Four French police killed in skiing resort helicopter crash
  231. EgyptAir flight MS804: Pilot DELIBERATELY sent plane plummeting to put out on board flames
  232. Airline worker sacked after posting pro-ISIS comments on Facebook
  233. Workmate from hell: Man rubs penis on colleague's desk, ejaculates in her mug and films it
  234. Brit holiday lad collapses after knocking back 75 shots in Magaluf bar challenge
  235. Brit holidaymaker seriously hurt after falling from Magaluf hotel balcony
  236. Sick ISIS clip shows vehicle US Navy Seal was travelling in when jihadis killed him
  237. EU referendum debate: Nigel Farage to fight for Brexit against Chuka Umunna
  238. 19 migrants attempting to enter UK rescued after inflatable boat sinks
  239. Passenger plane 'collapses on truck' at Manchester Airport
  240. Chemical factory burns uncontrollably in shocking footage
  241. Dramatic moment plane's tyres burst into flames as it is struck by huge bolt of lightning
  242. Sausage-carrying mob attacks vegan café with chunks of meat
  243. Terror as Muslim man shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘boom’ on UK flight
  244. Four young children strangled in ‘unbelievable tragedy’
  245. ‘£1million-a-month’ to keep Trump safe
  246. Did it really happen? Brit lad reveals secret about 'hungover Syria trip’
  247. Leytonstone Tube slasher found guilty of cutting passenger's throat
  248. Brit missing in Vietnam made SOS calls on mobile before it ran out of battery
  249. Family furious after girl takes 'selfie' with dead DJ son and posts pic on Facebook
  250. Orlando shooting was 'not religiously motivated', killer's father claims