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  1. New Microscope Shows Cells in 3D
  2. Talking to cells
  3. More neurons: compounds that stimulate neurogenesis might help treat depression
  4. New stem cell therapy may aid the repair of damaged brains
  5. New cheaper method for mapping disease genes
  6. Oxford Gene Technology joins EuroSyStem Consortium
  7. Real-time observation of the DNA-repair mechanism
  8. Scientists “paint” viruses to track their fate in the body
  9. DNA of extinct Thylacine brought back to life
  10. Confocal Microscopy improves diagnostic and detection, of bile duct cancer
  11. Air pollutant can cause blood clots in veins
  12. Scientists discover new class of small RNAs that regulate gene expression and protect
  13. What's the difference between a human and a fruit fly?
  14. Use adult stem cells shows up safe in gene therapy
  15. Turning fungus into fuel
  16. New source of biofuel discovered
  17. Internet based discussion on Global Change and biotechnology
  18. Potencial biomarkers for pancreatis cancer identified
  19. MicroRNA controls expression of oncogenes
  20. Prenatal drug exposure linked to sleep problems in children
  21. Children with Down Syndrome sleep poorly and have more fragmented sleep
  22. Human Genome Project Head to Step Down
  23. New research refutes myth of pure Scandinavian race
  24. Dual role of molecule in mice may open new avenue to cholesterol reduction
  25. From planet to plutoid
  26. No babies, no hormones
  27. Virus versus virus
  28. Life's code in soap
  29. Science academies call for climate action
  30. Scans find gays’ feminine side is in the brain
  31. First farmers made 'lucky beads'
  32. Greenland whale hunt 'commercial'
  33. Adoptees use DNA to find surname
  34. Clone cell cancer 'cure' hailed
  35. Mars probe makes 'ice' discovery
  36. Key ocean mission goes into orbit
  37. New source of heart stem cells discovered
  38. New paradigm for cell-specific gene delivery
  39. Project to reveal choc's DNA code
  40. Researchers develop neural implant that learns with the brain
  41. Turtles return home after UK stay
  42. France plans revolution in space
  43. Mother's junk food 'harms child'
  44. Discovered important gene that regulates cell division
  45. Diamonds hint at 'earliest life'
  46. Extinction risk 'underestimated'
  47. Cold sore virus secret revealed
  48. Synthetic molecules emulate enzyme bahavior for the first time
  49. Smallest planet shrinks in size
  50. Badger cull proposals 'rejected'
  51. Physics names winners and losers
  52. Gene directs stem cells to build the heart
  53. Sulston argues for open medicine
  54. UK Mars rover hopes face set-back
  55. UK to slow expansion of biofuels
  56. Nasa reveals final shuttle dates
  57. Funding secured for observatory
  58. Research on risks in OGMs (Biosafety)
  59. Can tomatoes carry the cure for Alzheimer's?
  60. Pre-quake changes seen in rocks
  61. Moon's interior 'did hold water'
  62. 'New CJD type' discovered in US
  63. Apples beat pears on crunch issue
  64. Breeding rate fall for rare bird
  65. China 'could reach moon by 2020'
  66. Asthma risk from pregnancy nuts
  67. Water 'widespread' on early Mars
  68. Sea die-out blamed on volcanoes
  69. Fishing ban brings seas to life
  70. Grunting fish yield vocal clues
  71. Cern lab goes 'colder than space'
  72. Discovered mechanism regulator of attention
  73. Climate documentary 'broke rules'
  74. Concerns over Olympic drug test
  75. Lab animal numbers continue trend
  76. Clean deadline call on coal power
  77. Warming world 'drying wetlands'
  78. Drug for deadly prostate cancer
  79. Researchers discover a gene that regulates ovulation
  80. Fossils date Dry Valleys' origin
  81. 'Neglect' of Bletchley condemned
  82. Fuel from food waste: bacteria provide power
  83. Canadian Arctic sheds ice chunk
  84. Alzheimer's drug 'halts' decline
  85. Bees join hunt for serial killers
  86. Europe not approves milk and meat from clones
  87. UK in 'delusion' over emissions
  88. China's 'rapid renewables surge'
  89. Nasa's lander samples Mars water
  90. Invisibility cloak 'step closer'
  91. Cell change 'keeps organs young'
  92. Sub to make deep Caribbean dive
  93. Kenyan education should embrace nanotechnology
  94. Wastewater fears for urban farms
  95. Bird flu hopes from 1918 victims
  96. Snail hides from march of history
  97. Black holes 'dodge middle ground'
  98. Machine 'sniffs out skin cancer'
  99. Model targets foot-and-mouth risk
  100. First light for space telescope
  101. 'Complexity' of Neanderthal tools
  102. New giant clam species discovered
  103. Cosmic crash reveals dark matter
  104. 'Lost towns' discovered in Amazon
  105. A Complete Neandertal Mitochondrial Genome Sequence Determined by High-Throughput Seq
  106. 'Jules Verne' awaits final voyage
  107. What is a gene?
  108. Biotec 08 (event) Granada
  109. Success for 'Big Bang' experiment
  110. Fusion power seeks super steels
  111. UK gives Bangladesh climate help
  112. Earthworms to aid soil clean-up
  113. Call for creationism in science
  114. Wind power speed record bid fails
  115. No plant CO2 relief in warm world
  116. UK seeking CO2 trading increase
  117. X-ray pulse seen in biggest holes
  118. Sony Treats PS3 Users to Life
  119. Nature loss 'dwarfs bank crisis'
  120. Minister wants astronaut 'icon'
  121. Call to maintain climate targets
  122. Probe studies solar system's edge
  123. Fatty acids clue to Alzheimer's
  124. Europe delays its ExoMars mission
  125. Game delayed over Koran phrases
  126. Handsets to become crime targets
  127. Web content 'disturbing children'
  128. Gene therapy restores vision mice with retinal degeneration
  129. Can genetic information be controlled by light?
  130. Supersonic car targets 1,000mph
  131. New feathered dinosaur discovered
  132. Gizmo puts cold callers on hold
  133. UK positioned for sat-nav prizes
  134. Keyboard sniffers to steal data
  135. Goce gravity flight slips to 2009
  136. 'New prostate' grown inside mouse
  137. 'Drastic' reforms on energy urged
  138. Tsunami in 2004 'not the first'
  139. Shark-cam captures ocean motion
  140. Under-ice flood speeds up glacier
  141. Collider 'needs warning system'
  142. Why you'll love a Mac !
  143. Your viewsGoogle to take on Spotify with Audio music service launch?
  144. Windows 7 Activation Patcher
  145. Call of Duty video game smashes sales records
  146. Google offers to limit free access to news websites
  147. Music download price comparison site launches
  148. World's first transparent phone on sale
  149. iPhone dating app removes need to pay attention to other people
  150. Dual-screen laptop goes on sale
  151. Nasa planet-finder reveals five new worlds
  152. New Google Nexus One phone ‘OK but overhyped’
  153. The augmented reality helicopter drone you pilot with your iPhone
  154. New eye test could detect Alzheimer’s
  155. The iPhone app that gives you a 3,000% loan
  156. Apple launches 'iPad' tablet
  157. Anger over ‘adopt a Haiti child’ game
  158. Mussolini iPhone app is hit with Italy
  159. A virtual bargain - only £200,000 for a non-existent building
  160. Anger over ‘adopt a Haiti child’ game
  161. Superfast web access will be key to election
  162. 'We're all aliens', claims scientist
  163. Fireball lights up the Irish sky as 'extremely rare' meteorite falls to the Earth at
  164. Loo-py! Japanese machine turns office paper into toilet roll
  165. Sacrifice your iPod for Lent
  166. {games} 'Lara Croft Way' chosen as Derby's latest road name
  167. {games}British holidaymakers 'think they can ski if they've tried it on Wii
  168. {games} 8001050F error PS3 console bug resolved by Sony after meltdown
  169. New law could put block on YouTube
  170. Internet-obsessed couple let baby starve while they played Second Life-style game
  171. {games} Review: Nintendo launches new DSi console with impressive larger screens
  172. Facebook lessons for BBC staff slammed… on social networking sites
  173. Malaria cure? The mosquito bite that
  174. Invisibility cloak in 3-D made by German scientists
  175. Google takes first step in China censorship war
  176. World's first amphibious insects discovered
  177. Paedophiles on internet chatrooms may be trapped by their typing
  178. Pac-Man found on Saturn moon Mimas by Nasa
  179. Pac-Man found on Saturn moon Mimas by Nasa
  180. MI5 ditches spies who can't use Facebook or Twitter
  181. Royal Shakespeare Company does
  182. Professor calls for UFO studies to be a university subject
  183. Amazing NASA sun pictures are the clearest ever
  184. Worm regrowth gene could help humans regenerate organs
  185. Priligy, the 'sex pill' that will stop premature ejaculation
  186. Chimpanzees ‘grieve for their dead like humans’
  187. Chocolate eating linked to depression
  188. Soon D+ Astra 19.E
  189. Firefighters called to 71 homes over TV fires after thieves steal copper
  190. Male menopause is rare but real, says study
  191. World’s best camera looks for asteroids set to collide with Earth
  192. Beauties-only site sets up ‘virtual sperm bank’
  193. Boy saved from blindness by Mario Kart on Nintendo DS
  194. BBC 6 Music saved from closure
  195. Facebook reaches 500 million users
  196. Second Life Virtual town hall costing £36,000 is axed after one year
  197. Moon river may allow lunar homes for humans
  198. 100million Facebook users' details published in privacy scare
  199. Twitter hits 20 billionth tweet with Japanese user GGGGGGo_Lets_Go
  200. Facebook campaign to close nudist beach after 'swingers invasion'
  201. Buzz of the job sends cameraman flying for cover
  202. Hurricane Earl puts US on high alert
  203. 'Take magic mushroom trips to cut fear of cancers'
  204. Hairdryer responsible for failed rocket launch attempt
  205. Father poses as his son on MSN Messenger to get groomer
  206. Google exposes data 'snooping' by UK government
  207. £6million 'looted from banks by internet hackers’
  208. Britain's digital divide: Net for rich, not for poor
  209. Microsoft's Kinect outselling the Apple iPad - 2.5million in 25 days
  210. Google's Facebook-rivalling 'social network' delayed until spring 2011
  211. Google Android 2.4 Ice Cream coming in June?
  212. Microsoft in bid to block Apple from trademarking the words 'App Store'
  213. Ailing MySpace culls 500 jobs after £100m losses
  214. iPhone and Wii Christmas presents causing more strain injuries
  215. News Corp to launch digital newspaper for iPad on January 19?
  216. Steve Jobs goes on 'medical leave of absence' from Apple
  217. Man demands £300k from Facebook after losing all of his friends
  218. As the PSP2 is revealed, how Apple's iPhone changed the state of play
  219. What is Paper Glider, the 10 billionth download from Apple's App Store?
  220. iPhone 5 could replace your credit card with NFC chip
  221. Google Nexus S review: pure Android, and (almost) pure quality
  222. Man demands £300k from Facebook after losing all of his friends
  223. Chinese hackers target Western oil companies
  224. Infants can count from 18 months of age, new research suggests
  225. Chinese medicine and herbal ban to see Britain defy EU laws
  226. Facebook group set up for teacher who insulted pupils on blog
  227. Criminals could exploit Britain's 'dangerous' over-reliance on sat-navs
  228. Scientists warn of lethal levels of sulphur dioxide as Kilauea erupts
  229. USSD Sender Hacktool 1.0
  230. Anti K9 Web Protection 3.6 Light
  231. International Space Station-live
  232. Double success for Ariane
  233. Flysat Updates
  234. Anti K9 Web Protection 3.7 Light
  235. WinBypass Kit 1.0 - Exploit & Remote Control a Windows Machine
  236. Leaks Publishing Tool - Publish plain text in the web
  237. Mobile Prank Hacktool 4.0 - The mobile Prank tool