Tópico: A1.19

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    Feb 2007

    Padrão A1.19

    Added : Premiere AU.
    Added : For more speed gain, we added a pseudo priority system for CA systems, from the fastest (ex: conax) to the slowest (ex: nagra2).
    Added : Display of hexadecimal representation of the Video PID in the extended info bar (needed for BISS and FCW).
    Added : The motor adjustements changes that were added and tested in the previous beta release.
    Added : A new version of the built in key editor (ver 1.40), and please know that no PC key editor is now compatible with this version.
    Added : System based reset of keys, as suggested by some members.
    Added : A new BISS and FCW entry system, which is now really childish and simple.
    Added : A new function on viaccess and mediaguard (seca) systems, using the "mute" button you can change the length of the keys, either 8 or 16 bytes.
    Added : Separate provider for CAM N, for this provider not to be affected by the load defaults.
    Added : Space optimizations. Now we have up to 32 providers instead of 16 for each system, and we still can add a lot more.
    Corrected : Thor 0.8W orbital position, but this will take effect only when you reset satellites settings.
    Corrected : Premiere AU fixed, you don't need to go to specific Premiere channels to update keys.
    Corrected : Cryptoworks freeze problems on providers like ORF and ATV.
    Corrected : The freeze problem of D+ blue smart cards (seca).
    Corrected : The bug related to AB1 and NT1 freeze problems.

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    Oct 2006
    para as outras duas mquinas


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    Sep 2006
    existe aqui um topico fixo para serem postados so novos king, conforme vão saindo.
    não ha necessidade de se estar a criar sistematicamente, novos topicos, basta ia ao topico KING, e postar as novidades.
    se a situação não se alterar, vou ser obrigado a começar a apagar topicos!
    de qualquer maneira, quero agradecer ao companheiro fifas, a sua ajuda.
    sempre em cima

    luigi veloce

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