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PS3 - Backup´s

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    Padrão PS3 - Backup´s

    Não sei se isto é verdade, mas agradecia a quem mais entendo do assunto se têm algo de veracidade, junto post que vi em outro forum;

    Half of the world may have stopped spinning when word spread of the apparent successful runs of PlayStation 3 backups - those ripped straight to the Sony PS3's own hard drive and an external USB HDD. And close on its heels is the news that PS3 coder Mainman has also moved in unison with the recent exploits on Sony's console and updated his PS3 NAND Extractor/UnPacker to version 0.4.

    Backups of PS3 games have been successfully tested on PlayStation 3 test platforms (retail platforms), though it has been noted that only developmental copies of games may be used. This is due to the exclusivity of the EBOOT.BIN file on developmental copies which are key to the smooth execution of the copied games. The executable must be modified or recreated from the ground up to allow proper execution.

    And Mainman's application now allegedly includes Beta support for the 40GB PlayStation 3 SKU's flash, and it comes with a scan mechanic to automatically search for files to extract and dump. These features, however, cannot be verified as the author withheld the release until the bugs could be formally sorted out.

    There's also talk about Team InFeCtuS (makers of one of the more popular Xbox 360 modchips) who aim to update their software to add support for the revision to the Samsung Flash. It has been claimed that the new release would give more leeway in the investigation of downgrading to lower PS3 firmwares.


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    é verdade amigo ja existe alguns backups para a PS3,

    e tambem um chip...


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    Por acaso não sabes onde posso obter mais informação sobre isso.

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    chip para ps3? onde viste isso?

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    Thumbs down

    Era bom era Sonhar é facil

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    nao existe nada para ps3, se existe jogos para ps3 nao quer dizer que ja haja maneira de poder correr backups na ps3, portanto a ideia de haver chips so se for para fazer downgrades.

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