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    May 2008

    Padrão e2Board-Image-800-V2.03

    E ²-board image 2.03 DMM 800

    What is new?

    The e ²-board menu has been completely revised and completely redesigned.

    E ²-board menu in the languages: English, French, Dutch and Russian.

    The online installer has been completely restructured.

    We have a swap manager, if you have the memory scarce.

    More skins are now offered.

    The number of Picons for Skin and LCD was again increased.

    New / Updated packages in the online Installer:

    Linux kernel, add dvbapi pilot / rolloff extension

    portmap_5-9-r6_mipsel.ipk (fixed link wrong during install)

    enigma2 plugin e2board-mountmanager (rdepens portmap)

    Nemesis.GlassLine_Mod_Blue (fix ico_crypt_on.png not found)

    Video Fashion-plugin (save configfile after setting the video config)

    enigma2 (subtitle fix, fix sleeptimer, support for rolloff and pilot parameter in dvb-s2 mode)

    Nemesis skins, Fix for LCD Display and Nim settings

    Nemesis glass Line and Mod_Blue, bugfix

    mgcamd1.30a included

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