Installation: not needed to uninstall previous version, just run Fausto V1.XX setup.exe

Version 1.28 TPS FIX (24/06/2008)

Worked with diablo Wireless & others cams with season terface
Tested under:
Cams: MR, TREX(Predator/Predasaur), JOKER,...
Receiver Cards Reader: Cristor, Clarke tech, xsat410,...
IMPORTANT: you must delete files TPS.FNS & V_TPS.DB if exist on folder \FAUSTO\EMU\TPS
before DRAG File TPS.BIN of the day on Fausto Emulator window

Version 1.28 (13/06/2008)

Due to new evolution of Fausto (multicam support => editor is not specific to diablo cam now)
Those file as been renamed
Fausto Keys.XML -> Fausto MultiCam Keys.XML
Diablo_CAIDS.TXT -> Fausto_CAIDS.TXT
Diablo_Idents_List.txt -> Fausto_Idents_List.txt
Diablo_Keys.txt -> Fausto_Keys.txt
Diablo_Softcam.key -> Fausto_Softcam.key
Diablo_TPSCRYPT2.txt -> Fausto_TPSCRYPT2.txt
Diablo_AES_Keys.txt -> Fausto_AES_Keys.txt
If old keys file exist delete it & export keys file again

*Events manager modified -> Less cpu usage

*Events manager modified -> Less cpu usage
*Tab Control word added: now it easy to view all Control word exported on BIN File (can help for cleaning BIN File)
*Tab CARDS: Added 2 new coding system (cf file Fausto & cards support.txt)
*Tab Season: Season emulation added now Fausto Emulator work also with ALL CAMS & Receiver Cards Reader
(Predator, Predasaur, Joker/Neotion, Matrix Reloaded (MR1051), Irdeto Module, Magic Module..., Cristor,Clarke tech,...embedded card reader)
Must Work too with others cams but we haven't for tests
Keys.bin file shared with all cams/receiver cards reader
For more details report to files
*Fausto & Season Interface How To.txt
*Fausto & Season Bauds Settings.txt
*Fausto & Season Bauds Rate Table.txt
More infos come soon on chat section