FaustoVersion 1.31 (05/09/2008)

(C)MASARE Team-Saoud007
(C)FullDump TM


Installation: not needed to uninstall previous version, just run Fausto V1.XX setup.exe

Fausto Emulator compatibilities:
*XML file to be compatible with Fausto Emulator MUST include cryptoworks Cardkey (06)
This keys used in internal by diablo cam emu
If the CardKey (06) not include you'll can't decode cryptoworks with Fausto Emulator
CardKey (06) added on Keys.bin has no effect under diablo cam emulator
*Include Betacrypt Tuneled Nagra 2 Providers
*Include TPS Files (actually TPS.BIN)

Version 1.31 (05/09/2008)
Modified Irdeto2 provider definition on Modele.XML for Fausto Emulator & Irdeto2
ECM IV & ECM Seed keys added for Fausto Emulator to keep portabilities of Keys file with diablo cam emulator

Irdeto2 Hack added
Actually worked ART/ADD
Update active keys like diablo cam emulator
ECM IV & ECM Seed keys value entered under our Fausto Multicam Keys file (example File under folder \Fausto\Keys)
*about Season & Irdeto:
- If reader/cams not support Irdeto xin1, select caid Irdeto1 (0606,0604,0603,0602)
to make package working (example Dreambox 7000S internal card reader, Irdeto cam not patched xin1, Diablo Light, ...)
- Caid concerned must be under cam firmware too (example with last TRex firmware caid 0604 must be added, use DragonCrypt for that)

Version 1.30 (01/09/2008)
Possible to enable/disable Emulator, Card Support or Card client by
using popup menu under MONITOR (Mouse right clic)
Under Same menu possible to set priorty
Emulator settings saved/loaded on/from file \Fausto\EMU\FESettings.ini
added files: SecaProviders.ini & ViaccessProviders.ini
On it, provid used by season emulation concerned
Has been added for SECA Cam (like aston) or Viaccess cam & Card *******
Please before use it, Open files & read infos in
Added "Datas bauds" in general same as ATR bauds except for somes emulation
(prepared for future addons)
*Card Client:
Added somes fixes for CS & season interface
(card tested other the net: Betacrypt/irdeto/Viaccess/Seca/cryptoworks/conax/VG)
Added new data "Server Description" under tab Settings
Added Tab servers: grid list
All servers stored under file clientbase.ini (folder Fausto\Emu\CardClient)
will appear on grid
To increase or decrease number of servers in use just modify value of
record Number in file clientbase.ini
Go under Tab CardClient, on Server grid select server wanted & change datas under tab settings
*Added CARD CLIENT traffic log (mouse right clic)
-Log card client traffic (enabled if ticked):
Store card informations & ONLY Caid/provid/ecms/cws decoded by Newcamd Server
-Save Log file (default file name is Fausto_Card_Client_Log.txt)
-Clear datas logged in memory

*Fausto & Season Bauds Settings.txt updated with XCam & Dreambox Settings
*Language files: New datas added ready for translation

Version 1.29 (25/07/2008)
*Export Keys file: New file exported Fausto_Control_Word.txt

*Cards Support: Added Cryptoworks official card support
*Card Client (NEW): added protocol Newcamd for Card ******* (worked with diablo wireless & via season interface for others cams)
*Season Interface:
-Added Season Cryptoworks Emulation (Require key 06 under xml/Keys.bin files)
-Cryptoworks coding system worked under Irdeto xin1 emulation for somes cams (exragon, MR)
(Require key 06 under xml/Keys.bin files)
-Added Official Cards Support: Set default Caids/provid used by card on file Season.ini Folder \Fausto\Emu\Season
-Added support of Newcamd protocol for card *******: Set default Caids/provid used by card on file Season.ini Folder \Fausto\Emu\Season
-Fausto & Season Bauds Settings.txt updated
-Language files: New datas added ready for translation