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    What's New??

    Premiere Conax package on Astra 19 fixed

    XclusiVe E M Us
    »All Vers.« Irdeto2: Free X TV - Hotbird 6/7A/8 (13°E)
    »All Vers.« Irdeto2: LA7 - Atlantic Bird 1 (12.5°W)

    »Version 2.3 ONLY« Irdeto2: Sex View - Hotbird 6/7A/8 (13°E)
    »Version 2.3 ONLY« Conax: Premiere - Astra 1G (19.2E)
    »Version 2.3 ONLY« Conax: Kabelkiosk - Atlantic Bird 2/Telecom 2D (8°W)
    »Version 2.3 ONLY« Conax: Canaal Digital Nordic - Thor 3/5 (0.8°W)
    »Version 2.3 ONLY« Conax: DigitAlb - Eutelsat W2 (16.0E)

    E M Us
    (All Emus around at present)

    [×] Nagra 1
    [×] Nagra 2 - Edit keys with Keymaker
    [×] Seca 1
    [×] Seca 2 (not working but implemented)
    [×] TPSCrypt
    [×] Viaccess 1 and 2.3 2.4
    [×] Irdeto 1
    [×] Irdeto 2 - Supported keys needed but Xclusive Emus
    [×] Cryptoworks Bios 3
    [×] Biss
    [×] Constant Control Word

    0riginaL CardS Supported
    (°) Betacrypt
    (°) Irdeto 1/2
    (°) Seca 1/2
    (°) Viaccess 1/2
    (°) Cryptoworks
    (°) Conax
    (°) DreamCrypt
    (°) Nagravision 1 with BoxKey
    (°) DGCrypt

    Many people are reporting that Diablo is slower than other CAMs when you zap through
    the channels (means change the channels). This can be true and can either be solved.
    Diablo CAM is the only CAM in the market that has the AUTO-PMT function.
    Let’s step back and explain what it is an how it works:
    Every CAS (Encryption System) has its own ID number called CAID. This number can be
    retrieved directly from the streaming (i.e. Seca is 0100, Viaccess is 0500 etc).
    In any case the on most of the receivers (not all) the CAM has to declare which CAID
    it is capable to descramble. The problems is not with systems like Seca or Viaccess
    (unique CAID for all providers) but it comes with IRDETO what has multiple CAID numbers
    starting with 06 XX where XX is a variable number. In this case the number of CAID
    can be extremely high.The point is that in theory you could declare as many CAID as you
    like but most of the receivers accepts just 16 CAID per initialization. All the CAMs
    around have pre-configured CAID with the most popular descrambling solution.
    Diablo is much more advanced!! It can retrieve the CAID information directly from Streaming!
    The CAM needs to send some CAID to the receiver and get the streaming access. The if the
    CAID is not one of the declared the CAM with declare the new one obtained from the Streaming.
    This is a clever manner to void the above CAID declaration problem. This is not a
    100% solution to the problem as some receivers won’t give you the access to the Streaming
    if you did NOT declared the right CAID in the beginning! Fortunately this case is pretty
    much rare and Diablo then refers to the CAID list.
    ALL OF THIS MAKES A LOSS OF TIME WHILE ZAPPING! But it offers the maximum flexibility
    for descrambling in Multi-Cas.
    But remember: You have to set and declare the CAID you want to descramble in the CAID.XML
    file in the CAM! This enhances you to the maximum (we can do even better) zapping speed
    but you may loose CAS compatibility!

    Remember: AUTO PMT is available on Diablo ONLY!

    ·•O•··•O•··•O•··•O•··•O•··•O•··•O•··•O•··•O•··•O•· ·•O•·
    ·•O•· HOW TO UPDATE THE CAM! ·•O•·
    ·•O•··•O•··•O•··•O•··•O•··•O•··•O•··•O•··•O•··•O•· ·•O•·

    ·•O) Using the TwinBase

    -Download the Twinbase Manager latest version from Diablo CAM - Official Web Site -
    -Download the user guide in english from Diablo CAM - Official Web Site - and read it out to void further problems.
    -Make sure you have the Framework 2.0 installed on your computer otherwise downloadit when requested from Microsoft.
    -Install Twinbase Manager you previously downloaded.
    -Go to "Upgrade Utilities" and insert the DiabloCam Wireless into the Twinbase.
    -Insert the file you want to load into the DiabloCam Wireless.
    -Wait untill the END.
    -Now insert the DiabloCam Wireless into the receiver.

    ·•O) Using the CAS INTERFACE 2 / 2+Plus / 3 / 3+Plus

    -Download Cas Studio 8.5 or higher (laterst version)
    -Install Cas Studio.
    -Go on CAM Programming.
    -Follow the instructions untill the end.
    -Now insert the DiabloCam Wireless or DiabloCam Light into the receiver.


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    Digitalb Ok
    Canal Digital Nordic Ok
    Premier Comax Ok
    Kabelkiosk Ok
    Sexwiew Au Ok


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