DM100S MAIN V0200S 30JAN2009

In this version,

Updated CCCAM,

Updated CCCAM Multiple servers,

Changed CCCAM servers to 5 servers,

Able to on/off emulator on CCCAM by 'remote emus',

- recommend to stay 'off' on 'remote emus' for better quality.

Channel data is compatible with any later versions since Ver2.00S,

Able to share channel list with your friends,

- no other information will be included in your channel list.

Go into Main menu by pressing 'Menu button' directly without setting Antenna,

Automatic factory reset when s/w updated,

Update Astra/ Hotbird TP info,

Able to input Nagra key upto 16bytes,

Duplicated channels in network scan fixed,

Teletext fixed,

Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!