PLi® Jade2 Enigma2 updated 30.03.09

- EliteDVB repository March 30th 2009
- PLi® repository March 30th 2009

- Bootloader #61 for DM7025(+)
- 20090206 drivers for DM7025(+)
- Bootloader #72 for DM800
- 20090310 drivers for DM800
- Bootloader #72 for DM8000v
- 20090317 drivers for DM8000

- Enigma2-Plugins: 20090330

- Softwaremanagement plugin doesn't yet work with most skins, old 'softwareupdate' and 'configbackup' plugins are still available

Use the downloadsection on our website to be sure to download our original PLi® images.

Direct download...

- For the DM7025(+) it's better to flash your box again instead of updating via the menu
* (the changes are probably such that your box cannot handle the online update in files