With IIS 6.0 Manager for Windows XP, administrators can remotely manage an IIS 6.0 server from a Windows XP Professional workstation.

This tool only installs a snap-in for Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and its associated DLLs and documentation; it does not install the complete IIS 6.0 server on your local computer.

After installation, IIS 6.0 Manager and IIS 5.1 Manager coexist in separate directories on the same computer. Start the IIS 6.0 Manager after installation from the administrative tools folder in the Control Panel, not from the Computer Management console. If the IIS 5.1 Manager is also installed, it will appear in the Computer Management console, not the IIS 6.0 Manager.


Support for IIS 6.0 Features such as Application Pools and Web Service Extensions
Grants access to IIS 6.0 servers remotely from a Windows XP workstation
Fully feature complete with exact same functionality as the IIS Manager delivered for IIS 6.0


The primary purpose of this package is to support administering IIS 6.0 hosted on Windows Server 2003 from a client workstation such as Windows XP Professional. It does not replace the snap-in shipped with IIS 6.0 and Windows Server 2003.


This tool is available only in English. When installed on non-English editions of Windows XP, IIS 6.0 Manager, documentation, folders, and shortcuts appear as English-only.

Requires Windows XP Professional
Not required or supported on Windows XP 64-bit Edition
Requires Administrator privileges for the remote IIS 6.0 system