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The Gemini2 Project 4.30 DM 800

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    Padrão The Gemini2 Project 4.30 DM 800

    The Gemini2 Project 4.30 DM 800
    Gemini2 v4.3

    Enigma vom 12.06.2009

    An overview over most functions can be found here

    Function Buttons:
    * BLUE - Blue Panel (BP)
    * BLUE long - Picture in Picture (DM7025)
    * 2x BLUE - BP -> Gemini ExtrThe Gemini2 Project 4.30 DM 800 as
    * BLUE RED - File-Manager
    * RED - Recording (not for DM8000)
    * GREEN - Quickbutton / Subservices
    * YELLOW - Timeshift (not for DM8000)

    * Addon and Plugin Server
    * Cryptinfos of the channel or Cam, Stick Cam to certain channels
    * Function for managing many daemons / server (BP -> Services/Daemons)
    * optical enhancements like HD-skin, additional icons or modification of the channel list
    * Manager for format, setup or mount devices (BP -> Device-manager)
    * Additional EPG-functionality like Autosave, Refresh or different EPG-format view
    * Particular addons like Dreamnetcast, Jukebox, Calendar, eMail or eTorrent, just to name some of them
    * Quickbutton, to define functionality of the Green button via menun
    * Detailled information about your Dreambox (Menu -> Information)
    * File-Manager, which can handle different format-types, regardless whether it is a picture-, audio-, videoformat, playlists, torrent, scripts or DVD-files (BP -> File-Manager)
    * complete handling of hard disks, DVD-drives, USB-Sticks changed to udev (system handels those devices by itself)

    Information about many other functions, like "the GP2 Controlr", Rezapp or the other settings can be found at the IhaD-Board or our Wiki.

    * Jukebook updated -> search for ID3-Tag or file name
    * folder of BSOD-Logs can be edited (BP -> Settings -> General)
    * brightness of the Power-LED (DM8000) can be adjusted (BP -> Settings -> General)
    * multiple units can be released in the network with NFS-Server
    * Skin of Samba, Crond and NFS standardized
    * static Webinterface for mobile devices => /mobile/
    * Online-Test can be configured (Server and Intervall) (BP -> Services)

    Fixes + Updates:
    * many fixes in case with udev (thx to all user that helped us)
    * USB-Stick with partitions should be listed now correctly.
    * see CVS

    * if you want to use the nfs-server you must install the fix from the BP-Addon-Server

    This image doesn't contain any **** or softcams!
    Backups or other modified images are not released by us
    and won't be supported in any way!!!


    Para quem eu estiver OFF enviem PM

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    obrigado Domingo.abraco

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    Esta imagem dá para clones?? Obrigado.

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