With CARTOON YOURSELF (Tm) you will be able to realise cartoons of all friendly or to draw personages on your movable telephone directly as if you were a true professional. It realises cartoons and it designs your own ups and downs for your communities and social networks. You will be able to keep them on your movable telephone, to send them to your friendly, to unload them to your computer or to put them so that they appear when they call to you. A game and simultaneously an application for all type of telephones that will allow to only spend lengths short whiles of assured diversion or with all friendly.

Features :

- Beam cartoons of all friendly and is sent them to its cell phones!

- It designs your personages and vístelos as you want. There are hundreds of possibilities!

- It enjoys creating your personages fast and simple form.

- It participates in a community ******* your drawings, commenting and competing in exchange for multiple prizes!