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    Novo Windows 3.1 on Symbian - Installation Guide!

    DOWNLOAD DOXBox v0.72 for Symbian by kolijoco (release 20090305):
    anonym.to - free dereferer service
    SendSpace.pl - Darmowy hosting plików

    DOWNLOAD Windows 3.1 (English) for Symbian:
    anonym.to - free dereferer service
    SendSpace.pl - Darmowy hosting plików

    DOWNLOAD Windows 3.1 (Polish) for Symbian:
    anonym.to - free dereferer service
    SendSpace.pl - Darmowy hosting plików


    Using new version of DOSBox you can allocate up to 12MB RAM for Windows 3.1 on Nokia 95-1 or similar phones. Also you can disable standard Windows Shell (Program manager) and use only Calmira II.

    1. Do all steps from instruction.
    2. Edit 'e:\Data\dosbox.conf' file and change memsize=8 or more.
    3. Edit 'e:\Data\dosbox.conf' file ane change end line to:

    c:\windows\win.com /s

    4. Edit 'e:\Data\Windows\system.ini' file to include:



    I. DOSBox v0.72 for Symbian by kolijoco (release 20090305)

    1. Uninstall previous DOSBox versions.
    2. Unpack 'DOSBox_s60.rar' archiwe to your Memory Card
    3. Install ALL aplication from 'Install' directory.
    4a. Install 'dosbox.sisx' on Nokia N95-2, N82 or similar (with 128 MB RAM).
    4b. Install 'dosbox_slim.sisx' on Nokia N95-1 or similar (less RAM mamory).

    II. Windows 3.1 for Symbian (included Norton Commander 5)

    1. Unpack 'Win31en.rar' archive to your Memory Card.
    2. Run installed DOSBox.

    III. changes from release 1.0:

    - Added MCGA (320x200) Driver
    - Added Win32s v1.30c with OLE

    IV. Suggestions

    1. To change DOSBox allocated 2MB RAM edit line 'memsize=2' in file 'e:\Data\dosbox.conf'.
    2. If your mobile phone have enough RAM memory you can install Sound Blaster 16 driver:
    Control Panel -> Drivers -> Add -> Creative Lab Sound Blaster 1.5 -> Restart

    V. Using T9 Keypad

    Receive Call (Green) - Switching Mode
    End Call (Red) - Exit from DOSBox
    Pen Key - Shift
    Delete (C) - Backspace
    Thumb Pad - Arrow Keys, Enter
    Right Key - Escape
    Left Key - Space

    Mode 1:

    First line keys = a d g j m p t w space
    First line keys + Pen =: A D G J M P T W space
    Second line keys + * = b e h k n q u x .
    Second line keys + * = Pen + * B E H K N Q U X
    Third line keys + # = c f i l o r v y \
    Third line keys + Pen + # = C F I L O R V Y |
    Fourth line keys + 1 = s z
    Fourth line keys + Pen + 1 = S Z

    Mode 2:

    Numbers = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
    Numbers + Pen = ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )

    Mode 3:

    Thumb Pad - Moving mouse
    * = Right mouse button
    # = Left mouse button

    Screenshot from first installation:

    Official videoclip on YouTube:

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    If you have mobile with enough RAM memory (for ex. N82) you can try run Windows 95.

    All you need:

    1. Download Windows 95 Bootable (for PSP): Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!
    2. Unpack w95.img to 'e:\dos\windows\' directory.
    3. Edit autoexec line in e:\data\dosbox.conf file:

    # Lines in this section will be run at startup.
    imgmount c e:\dos\windows\w95.img -t hdd -fs fat
    boot -l c

    4. Change memsize=2 in e:\data\dosbox.conf file to minimum 8.

    5. Run DOSBox

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    Outro link para a imagem do Win95 : Windows 95 IMG.rar - Windows, 95, Image, File

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    Windows 98 on S60 v 3 phones (128MB RAM PHONES)

    1. Installation Guide of win3.1!

    2. then you must do everythink like its explained

    Download Windows 98:

    Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire


    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    4. Unpack w98.img to 'e:\dos\windows\' directory (you must create this directory)

    5. download config file here or in attachment:


    and extract files

    6. replace original file in e:\data\dosbox.conf with downloaded file

    7. run dosbox and enjoy win 98on your smartphone (if you want activate mouse just click accept key (green) on your smartphone

    tested on N95 8gb

    Note: If you can't boot image on phone (like me) modify your dosbox.conf imgmount line to something like this:
    Imgmount c e:\cdos\win98\w98.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,16,518
    Boot -l c

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