PLi® Jade3 for DM800 29.06.2009
New features highlights:
- PMT parsing fix: avoid finding audiostreams in what are actually subtitling/teletext streams.
- DTS audio support (DM8000 only!)
- Support to disable background scanning

More new features:
- EliteDVB repository June 24th 2009
- PLi® repository June 24th 2009
- The global (all satellites worldwide) satellites.xml updated 15/06/2009 (DVB-S: FEC = Automatic; DVB-S2: FEC = Normal)

Dream Multimedia Enigma2 / Plugins changes (20090303 -> 20090603):
- No more show the mediaplayer gui after skipping with number keys 
- Fixed e2 crash on much harddisc tranfers (standby handling) 
- A little bit faster e2 startup 
- Dont ask for subservice to record from when only one subservice is available in epg event 
- Fix in nmbsd.ttf font for polish epg 
- Small fix for aac audio in .mov files 
- Fixed Astra HD and Anixe HD in default transponderlist and default bouquet 
- Fixed problem with epg on some services introduced by the prev polish epg fix 
- More fixes for polish epg 
- Faster pluginlist reload 
- Fix not working mediaplayer on first startup 
- Fix not working dvd player on first startup 
- Fix crash in virtual keyboard 
- Fix audio pid caching 
- No more stop playback of a running recording in some conditions 
- Fix frequently crash (font render fix) 
- Show correct audio/video pid in service info screen