Here we release new emul s/w for dm100,

In this version,

1. Latest CCCAM updated as like other dreamboxes

2. SCAM updated

3. CCCAM server issue was fixed(able to connect Server 1~5 simultaneously)

4. Fixed 0603 Irdeto smartcard access

5. Fixed Blind scan

Smartcard Access Menu,

We hide 'smartcard access' menu.

When you want DM100 is able to access smartcard, you have to go into ‘expert setup’ and ‘smartcard activate’ switch to ‘on’.

And then, you can see smartcard menu on OSD and smartcard access will start to work.


We will release 'automatic DM100 s/w installer' in next week.

When you install it, you don't need to download s/w into PC and connect DM100 to upgrade new s/w. You can just connect DM100 to internet and then DM100 will find new s/w and install automatically.