Diablo KeyEdit v1.4
Editor for
Stealth 1.76 and higher
Underworld 1.04 and higher

************************************************** *************
What's new in this release ?
************************************************** *************
1. Implemented 9 internal skins for "Diablo KeyEdit"-GUI
- When color is changed, title bar and all components
(dialogs, buttons, listboxes, scrollbars etc.) are skinned
- Default color is "green" now

2. Extended CAIDS-Management:
- CAIDS required for official cards and DATA.BIN can be
manually selected and saved in INI-file.
When button "Save as XML" is clicked they are saved together
with the CAIDS required for KEYS.BIN in file CAIDS.XML.

3. Added "ReOpen File"-Function:
- The last 6 opened BIN-files are displayed in a popup-menu

4. Codingsystems Nagra/Nagra2 are no longer sorted closely

5. Internal DCW channel list and "VIACCESS"-popupmenu updated

6. Drag & Drop operations:
- Change order of CAIDS by drag & drop (with scrolling!)
- Change order of provider by drag & drop now also with

7. All edit-fields:
- According to the state of the INSERT-key on
the keyboard, edit-mode is either INSERT or OVERWRITE
(Toogle between insert/overwrite-mode by pressing

To keep your individual settings use
"Diablo KeyEdit.ini" of v1.3 !

Check it out !

"W32/Induc-A" is removed from EXE now !!!