Novo firm Azbox HD - 0.9.3661


- Correct a bug regarding the message for screen capture.

- Correct a bug, do not proceed the progress bar at FTP up/download.

- Correct a bug when it occured the FTP login was failed.

- Correct some bugs of the file manager: Icon images / Multi language

- Correct a bug regarding DVB-T&C TS discriptor.

- Correct the gritch noise bug on the HDMI audio.

- Correct a bug regarding the setup display options.

- Correct the bug regarding LEDs on the front panel (AZBox Premium)

- Correct the alphabetical sorting bug of the favorite channel list

- Correct the bug to remember the last channel.

- Correct the scan SAT bug

- Correct the TV buffering problem.

- Correct the MKV player bug whick is not displayed videos

- Correct the time display problem at MKV player

- Correct a memory leak at the new audio driver

- Correct the audio bug which is occuring when the radio was played long

- Correct the video bug which regarding display mode like as pan & scan

- Correct a fast forward problem to go forward faster.

- Upgrade the YouTube player


- Add new driver for better A/V performance (under testing)

- Add a function to insert many function keys on the USB keyboard.

- Support multi-audio of TS files.

- Add subtitle ID and audio ID at the individual channel.

- Add a decoder recovery routine for correct the radio distortion bug.

- Add a function to be able to select the Dolby output mode (Line mode / RF

- Add scripts when called at standby and wakeup

- Add new driver for Samsung ATSC tuner.

- Modify the azbox SDK and test application

- Add a radio wallpaper register module

- Add the page up/down function at file manager.

- Add a information bar for ATSC


- Modify the main menu position.

- Modify the DEMUX structure to be able to parse several PMTs in the same

- Increase IPTV ability to get several types of streams.

- Modified for EPG
+ EIT pool
+ EIT filters
+ Memory Pool
+ Memory menager etc.

- Modify the EIT parser to add a function regarding ATSC

- Modify the scanning PMT method for using multiple PMT filters.

- Optimization of the DEMUX_INFO structure for using the multiple PMT parser
at movie player.

- Apply the multiple PMT parser at the movie player.

- Optimization the memory of the audio player.

- Support VBR at the MP3 player

- Modify web browser and RSS news cause by change the driver.

- Modify to set subtitle at center

- Modify to display full screen at photo viewer.

- Change some video decoder options to solve the mkv file player problems

- Change some audio decoder options to solve the glitch noise problems

- Change the recording file size to 4GB from 3GB (will be changed next
release to detect the max file size from system)

- Modify the network setting timeout for wifi to 1 minute from 30 seconds.