Navimote is a battery friendly, push based, on-demand phone/device positioning based on Navizon.

Navimote is an on-demand mobile phone-finder based on push technology. With Navimote you can enable others to retrieve your position in real-time.

With Navimote you can:

* Locate your friends
* Locate your phone (if you installed Navimote on it before you lost it)
* Keep track of your children

How Navimote works

In order to locate a device that has Navimote is installed on it, you will need to send an authorization request (a "token") to the person you want to track. He/she will be asked to enter the token into Navimote on their phone or computer. You can see your friends position as soon as your friend has entered the token has into his/her phone/device.

Navimote "sleeps" most of the time and when someone requests your location Navimote wakes up, calculates the position and goes back to sleep.

The position from Navimote is always up to date.

Navimote does not drain your battery.

What you need to locate a phone/person with Navimote

* Navimote must be installed on the device/phone you want to locate.
* The phone/device you want to locate must have an internet connection.
* A navizon account (sign up for free here)
* You must send a token to the person you want to locate.
* The owner of the device must enter the token into Navimote


· Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Mobile, S60/Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson Java

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