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    Padrão "International language organization" the letter addressed to the European Union

    Amigos do Fórum, eu falo chinês, eu não falam Português, estou prestes a escrever posts em Inglês, eu então traduzido para Português.

    "International language organization" the letter addressed to the European Union

    Dear European Parliament:
    Dear European Commission:
    Dear European Council:
    Dear President of each country in Europe:
    Dear every one European:
    In order to promote progress in the language of all humanity, I have created an international language organization.I call in Europe the emergence of a country, to the "international language organizations" to provide shelter, become "an international language organization" founding the country.I call every country around the world have joined the international language organizations, to become a member state.
    In the past 500 years of history, for human progress, has made a significant contribution to Europe.Global Navigation, geographical discovery, industrial revolution, scientific revolution, social revolution, European integration, and so on.Opened up a new era in human history and promote the history of mankind has entered a stage of world history.
    The creation of an international language organizations, can contribute to the language of all mankind to achieve great development and is able to promote the history of mankind into a new century,The emergence of a European Union country, to the international language organizations to provide shelter, as an international language organization's founding national,Will be opened up this new century.
    International language organization set up in the European Union, will receive many benefits:
    1, after 10 years, the EU will have common language, communication is more convenient;Among the EU countries will have more understanding, cooperation, friendship;The further development of the European Union will receive language support;
    2, the world's common language, first in the European Union was born, first in the European Union to use, and then spread to the world, the EU countries will get the language advantage;
    3, to promote the integration of the EU's development and promote a common European values, to increase the overall strength of the European Union; the European Union and the cooperation of every country around the world will increase, and the European Union for world influence and role will increase;People around the world to the EU's knowledge, understanding, communication, cooperation, friendship, will be increased;
    4, the EU will open up a new phase of human history, the EU will be the progress of human society advanced regional, as the world's wonders;
    5, the world would appreciate and aspire to the European Union; the EU will attract worldwide talent;Any EU country to become an international language organization's founding countries, Europe will receive the highest honor and was a great historical position, the founding countries will become the world's language centers, language, sacred sites.
    I have created an international language organization details, see the back of Attached page:
    Founder of the international language organizations, a letter addressed to each country.

    Noble salute!
    Founder of the international language organizations GaiGaiLun

    Attached page:
    "An international language organization", founder of the letter addressed to each country

    Dear President of every country around the world:
    In order to promote the progress of human language, I have created the "international language organizations."I call upon the world the emergence of a country, to the "international language organizations" to provide shelter to become an international language organization's founding countries.I appeal to every country around the world have joined the international language organizations, as Member States.
    My network instability, or a virus obstacles, unable to contact me,So, any country to become a founding member prior to the announcement, you can not contact me, you can contact me after the announcement to obtain power of attorney.I made the greatest efforts to bring this information to the more countries around the world.
    Any country to become a founding countries can get a lot of interest,1, in the world, receiving the prestigious honor, status;2, will increase the 'international language organization' of the founding countries and the world's exchanges, friendship,3, will promote 'founding countries' language development;4, will increase the 'founding countries' and the world's scientific, cultural and economic ties;5, 'an international language organization' home city in the world to increase awareness, communication, friendship;6, 'founding countries' will become the language of the world's holy places, language centers;7, World History will record that 'the founding countries' and 'founding states' of the president's achievements.
    Here, the international language organizations, the basic situation:
    1, the international language organization's purpose: to promote the language of the world's scientific development, promote the progress of the language of all mankind.
    2, an international language organization's main task: There are four main tasks, and now, in order to shorten the length of the first three not do explanation, however, to do some interpretation of the fourth,(A), bringing together the strength of each country around the world, bringing together linguists and language of each agency the power to carry out linguistic research;(B), the creation of the language of most scientific theories;(C) to promote the progress of language evolution of all mankind;(D) to address the issue of language barriers and international exchanges.International interaction, the language barrier is a major problem of all mankind,All humanity should work together to solve this major problem.The international language organizations to pool the world's linguists, learn the advantages of various languages around the world,The creation of the most scientific and most easy to learn, and the most simple language, as the common language of international communication, so that all mankind not speak the language issues are resolved.The promotion of this common language is very easy,A, the common language and any language of comparison, has great advantages, the common language level and easy to learn the perfect degree of surprise which is so fantastic, it is very interested in,The average person, just a month's time, easy to learn, you can everyday conversation, the common language itself can produce an enormous spread of force;B, the international language organizations have a huge promotional power, can do the most effective promotion.About the promotion five years, this common language will be popular in the international contacts to address the issue of international exchanges of the language barrier.About the promotion for 10 years, this common language can become the country's second mother tongue, in the world, can be seen everywhere in this common language,Since then, the world's people do not need a special study of this common language, each person after birth, they saw their mother tongue in their lives and this common language (second mother tongue),Only in childhood, in life, understanding, like learning their mother tongue, as master of this common language.The future of the situation of human language is that, in international exchanges around the world use this common language, without having to learn a variety of foreign language; in various countries within the country to use their own language.With this common language, be able to increase national understanding, communication, friendship, peace and more security, the development of more promising life better.
    3, 'international language organization' of the organization: the implementation of national membership, any country around the world have the right and obligation to become a member, called the Member States.The international language organizations to invite all of the linguists around the world, language enthusiasts, language groups, to participate in language studies.
    4, the international language organizations, institutions: the Member States of the General Assembly; Council; executive director of Council; Chairman; the Secretariat; academic and research sector; Member State Department; diplomatic service; the protection of the national language commission; Association honorary president for life.A subsidiary body of academic research departments: Language Academy of Sciences; world-wide research center text; World Generic Syntax Research Center; world-wide research center punctuation; World Language and Culture University; Language Foundation; Language progress awards; world language forum.
    5, the international language organization's main features: between the national organization, the forces of Member States to maintain the organization, for the world to participate in the organization, specializing in promoting language progress of activities, not engage in other activities.
    6, an international language organization's status: the status of an international language organizations, as agreed between the Member States to determine and can not in any country's internal register set.'The international language organizations' relations with any country are diplomatic relations.'An international language organization' status determines its activities are international, worldwide, does not belong to the domestic jurisdiction of any country. International language organizations, financed by the Member States.
    7, the international language organizations, place of residence: the status of an international language organization determines its residence is international, does not belong to any country's internal affairs, can not be purchased by individuals or groups to provide, it should be provided by one country, like the United States to the United Nations to provide shelter the same;Shelter set up in a country, but not this country's jurisdiction.The world, the emergence of a country to the international language organizations to provide shelter, marking the successful creation of an international language organizations.'Founding state' must give 'an international language organization' of the treatment, including, (a), providing shelter, the building of the headquarters building; to the 'international language organizations' need for convenience, support, help;(B), 'the founding countries,' and 'international language organizations' relations are foreign relations; international language organizations, not according to 'the founding states' laws of creation, but rather, 'the founding countries,' according to the 'international language organizations,' founder of Request, to the 'international language organization' to provide shelter, in accordance with the idea of the founder, in order to make a contribution to progress of human language.
    Here, I have created an international language organizations steps:
    1, in order to allow the emergence of the world's fastest 'international language organization', in the absence of Member States, no shelter, no institution is not available, I am the founder of the international language organizations, the name announced to the world: 'the international language organizations, 'Has been established.
    2, the international language organizations have a home, we began to carry out linguistic research.
    3, in the first session of the General Conference of Member States before the international language organizations, led by its founders,Is mainly engaged in the activities of: A, to the world called for the emergence of a state to the 'international language organization' to provide shelter, becoming a founding countries;B, founder invited to every country in the world to become an international language organization of the Member States;C, the formation of an international language organizations, institutions;D, D, to invite the world's linguists and language groups, to participate in an international language organizations, research activities and research institutions.
    4, the number of Member States to reach 50 after the convening of the first session of the General Assembly of Member States.In the first session of the General Conference of Member States, the international language organization by the Member States of the General Assembly leadership, in the General Assembly to develop " 'an international language organization' of the Constitution" and the election of 'the international language organization' chairman. After the closing, the President in accordance with "regulations" to lead the international language organization.
    Here, in order to gain support, the provision of incentives:
    1, for 'an international language organization' to provide shelter in the country, known as the 'international language organizations, a founding country'.
    2, by adding 'international language organization' of the country, from the first to the tenth, called the 'international language organizations, executive director of the first session of the State'.
    3, by adding 'international language organization' of the country, from the first one to 50th countries, known as the 'international language organization' of the first director of the State.
    4, Member States, ranking, according to join the 'international language organization' in order.
    5, provide significant assistance to the founder who will become 'an international language organizations, honorary president for life'.
    6, to provide general assistance to the founders who will be the 'international language organizations, the founder's friends'.
    7, if necessary, the case will be invited to a number of 'honorary president for life' and founder of friends to serve as vice chairman of the international language organizations.
    my MSN,gjyyzz[@]hotmail.com;
    my icq 446100138
    I do not have cellular phones, my previous mobile phone numbers set aside, and telephone companies that sell phone numbers to other people, and answered the phone were not me, I do not know.

    The most noble salute!
    international language organization

    (To promote the progress of human language and the creation of an international language organization is the responsibility of each country, but also everyone's responsibility.Anyone can bring this letter to be sent to any country, any country can be translated into text.Hope that the news media reported the news, in order to make an important contribution to progress of human language)

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      为了推动全人类的语言进步,我创立了国际语言组织。我呼吁,欧洲出现一个国家,给国际语言组织提供住所 ,成为创始国家, 我呼吁,全世界每一个国家都加入国际语言组织,成为会员国家。
      在过去的500多年的历史里,对于人类的进步,欧洲做出了重大的贡献,环球航行,地理大发现,工业革命 ,科学革命,社会革命,欧洲一体化,等等,开辟了人类历史的新世纪,推动人类历史进入了世界历 史阶段。
      创立国际语言组织,能够推动全人类的语言取得巨大的发展,能够推动全人类的历史进入一个新世纪;欧盟出 现一个国家,给国际语言组织提供住所,成为国际语言组织的创始国,将会开辟这个新世纪。
      1,经过10年,欧盟将会拥有通用的语言,交往更加的便利;欧盟各国之间将会有更多的了解,合作,友谊 ;欧盟的进一步发展将会获得语言的支持;
      2,全世界通用的语言,首先在欧盟诞生,首先在欧盟使用,然后,传播给全世界,欧盟各国将会获得语言的 优势;
      3,促进欧盟的一体化的发展,促进欧盟形成共同价值观,增加欧盟的总体实力;欧盟和全世界的每个国家的 合作将会增加,欧盟对于世界的影响将会增加;全世界的人们对欧盟的了解,理解,交往,合作,友谊,将会增加 ;
      4,欧盟将会开辟人类历史的新的阶段,欧盟将会成为人类社会进步的先进的区域,成为全世界 的奇迹;
      5,全世界将会赞赏和向往欧盟;欧盟将会吸引全世界的人才;欧盟的任何一个国家,成为国际语言组织的创 始国,欧洲将会获得崇高的荣誉,获得伟大的历史地位,创始国家将会成为全世界的语言中心,语言 圣地。

    国际语言组织 创始人 GaiGaiLun


      为了推动人类语言的进步,我创立了“国际语言组织”。我呼吁,全世界出现一个国家,给“国际语言组织” 提供住所,成为国际语言组织的创始国家。我呼吁,全世界的每个国家都加入国际语言组织,成为会 员国。
      我的网络不稳定,或者被病毒阻碍,不能联系到我,所以,任何国家在宣布成为创始国之前,可以不联系我, 可以在宣布后联系我,获得委托书。我做最大的努力,把这个信息发给全世界的更多的国家。
      任何国家成为创始国家可以得到很多的利益,1,在世界上,获得崇高的荣誉,地位;2,将会增加‘国际语 言组织’的创始国家与全世界的交往,友谊,3,将会促进‘创始国家’的语言发展;4,将会增加‘创始国家’ 与全世界的科学、文化、经济的联系;5,‘国际语言组织’住所的城市,在世界上增加知名度,交往,友谊;6 ,‘创始国家’成为全世界语言圣地,语言中心;7,世界历史将会记载‘创始国家’和‘创始国家’的总统的功 绩。
      2,国际语言组织的主要任务:主要任务有四个,现在,为了缩短篇幅,对前3个不做解释,对第4个做一些 解释,(一),汇集全世界的每个国家的力量,汇集每个语言学者和语言机构的力量,开展语言研究;(二),创 立最科学的语言理论;(三),以语言的进步促进全人类的进化;(四),解决国际交往语言不通问题。国际交往 的语言不通是全人类的重大问题,全人类应该共同努力解决这个重大问题。国际语言组织汇集全世界的语言学家, 借鉴全世界的各种语言的优点,创立最科学的、最容易学习的、最简单的语言,做为国际交往的通用的语言,使全 人类语言不通的问题得到解决。这个通用语言的推广是很容易的,A,这个通用语言与任何语言比较,具有巨大的 优越性,这个通用语言的完美程度和容易学习的程度,令人感到惊讶,令人感到神奇,令人十分感兴趣,一般的人 ,只需要一个月的时间的轻松的学习,就可以日常会话,这个通用语言本身能够产生出巨大的传播力;B,国际语 言组织具有巨大的推广力,能够做到最有效的推广。大约推广5年,这个通用语言将会在国际交往中普及,解决国 际交往的语言不通问题。大约推广10年,这个通用语言能够成为各国的第二母语,在全世界,随处可见这个通用 的语言,从此以后,全世界的人们不需要专门的学习这个通用语言,每个人在出生后,就在生活中见到母语和这个 通用语言(第二母语),只需要在儿童时期,在生活中领会,象学习母语一样,掌握这个通用语言。人类语言的未 来局面是这样的,在国际交往中,全世界使用这个通用语言,不需要学习各种外语;在各国的内部,使用自己国家 的语言。有了这个通用语言,能够增加各国间的理解,交往,友谊,和平更加有保障,发展更加有希望,生活更加 美好。
      3,‘国际语言组织’的组织方式:实行国家会员制,全世界的任何国家都有权利和义务成为会员,叫做会员 国。国际语言组织邀请全世界的所有的语言学家、语言爱好者、语言团体,参加语言研究。
      4,国际语言组织的机构:会员国大会;理事会;常务理事会;主席;秘书处;学术研究部门;会员部门;外 交部门;保护民族语言委员会;终身名誉主席联谊会。学术研究部门的下属机构:语言科学院;世界通用文字研究 中心;世界通用语法研究中心;世界通用标点符号研究中心;世界语言大学;语言基金会;语言进步奖;世界语言 论坛。
      5,国际语言组织的主要特征:在国家之间建立的组织,以会员国的力量进行维护的组织,供全世界参与的组 织,专门从事推动语言进步的活动,不从事其他的活动。
      6,国际语言组织的地位:‘国际语言组织’的地位由会员国之间的约定确定,不能在任何国家的内部注册确 定。‘国际语言组织’与任何国家的关系都是外交关系。‘国际语言组织’的地位决定了它的活动是国际性的,世 界性的,不属于任何国家的内政管辖。国际语言组织的经费由会员国承担。
      7,国际语言组织的住所:国际语言组织的地位决定了国际语言组织的住所是国际性的,不属于任何国家的内 政,不能由个人或团体购买提供,应该由一个国家提供,象美国给联合国提供住所一样;住所设立在一个国家内, 但是,不受这个国家的管辖。世界上出现一个国家给国际语言组织提供住所,标志着国际语言组织创立成功。创始 国必须给国际语言组织的待遇包括,(一),提供住所,建设总部大楼;给国际语言组织必要的便利、支持、帮助 ;(二),创始国家与国际语言组织的关系是外交关系;国际语言组织不是按照创始国家的法律创立的,而是,创 始国家按照国际语言组织的创始人的请求,给国际语言组织提供住所,按照创始人的想法,为人类语言进步作出的 贡献。
      1,为了让世界上最快的出现‘国际语言组织’,在没有会员国,没有住所,没有机构的情况下,我以国际语 言组织的创始人的名义,向全世界宣布:‘国际语言组织’成立了。
      3,在第一届会员国大会召开前,国际语言组织由创始人领导,主要从事的活动:A,向全世界呼吁,出现一 个国家给国际语言组织提供住所,成为创始国;B,创始人邀请全世界的每一个国家成为国际语言组织的会员国; C,组建国际语言组织的机构;D,邀请全世界的语言学者和语言团体,参加国际语言组织的研究活动和研究机构 。
      4,在会员国的数量达到50个后,召开第一届会员国大会。 在第一届会员国大会召开的时候,国际语言组织由会员国大会领导,在大会上制定《‘国际语言组织’的章程》和 选举‘国际语言组织’的主席。大会闭幕后,主席按照《章程》,领导国际语言组织。
      2,加入国际语言组织的国家,从第一个到第十个,称为‘国际语言组织的第一届常务理事国’ 。
      3,加入‘国际语言组织’的国家,从第一个到第五十个国家,称为‘国际语言组织’的第一届 理事国家。
      7,在必要的情况下,将会邀请若干名‘终身名誉主席’和创始人的友人,担任国际语言组织的 副主席。
    my MSN,[email protected];
    my icq 446100138
      我现在没有手机电话,我的以前的手机电话号码作废了,电话公司把那个电话号码出售给别人了,接电话的人 不是我了,是我不认识的人。
    国际语言组织 创始人 GaiGaiLun
    (推动人类的语言的进步和创立国际语言组织是每个国家的责任,也是每个人的责任。任何人可以把这封信发送到 任何的国家,可以翻译成任何国家的文字。希望新闻媒体报道这个消息,为人类语言进步做出重要贡 献)

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