The Internet Movie Database, one of the most useful sites on the web if you like movies is now easily accessible on Symbian’s 5th Ed devices and you can get all the information that the IMDB website provides on your phone with eye-candy and easy-to-use interface, without having to use your browser.

It works pretty much the same way the actual website does and allows you to quickly search for people or movie titles. The data may be a little patchy at times – this is because of the way it’s being gathered.

As IMDb does not have an API that would allow you to create apps like this the data has to be scraped from the website. This is achieved by the service built by Jeffrey Tummers and his site that gives people the ability to integrate information from the IMDB website.


* Search IMDb for people
* Search IMDb for movie/tv titles
* Browse through episodes
* Quickly extend the search to other services google, youtube, wikipedia, ebay, amazon


* Nokia N97 / N97 Mini
* XpressMusic 5800
* X6
* Pretty much all the rest Symbian 5th Edition phones