The alarm is making that annoying sound again. With your eyes still closed, you reach out an arm and hit the snooze button... again. You don ’t have to experience this every morning, thanks to HappyWakeUp. Using smart phone technology and medical research findings, HappyWakeUp knows the optimal time to arouse you from sleep. You’ll feel refreshed each and every morning with this award winning app. Don’t go through your days tired a ny longer. Wake up and grab HappyWakeUp now!

User review:
"I use HappyWakeUp when I need to catch a morning flight from a hotel. I
set the regular alarm to wake me up at the last possible moment. In the
morning I take a rushed cup of coffee before hurrying to the airport. But
with HappyWakeUp things are often better: when it wakes me up refreshed
~20 minutes before the final alarm I have time to enjoy a great breakfast in
the hotel restaurant." H.S.

HappyWakeUp gives you a natural wake up at optimal time! You
experience an easy and refreshed wake up without any groggy feeling. You
get added value by giving a possibility to achieve some active minutes in
the morning. The pleasant wake up in the morning is decreasing the stress
factors experienced by the human body, too.

Detailed information

HappyWakeUp is based on the medical knowledge and research of human
sleep stages. During the last morning hours sleep is fragmented and there
are short periods of wakefulness. These are the optimal moments for your
brain and body to wake up. HappyWakeUp is developed to detect them. It
helps your body to learn the spontaneous accurate sleep - wake rhythm.

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