● Simply shows how much of your packet data quota you've used so far this month.
● If you have a pre-determined quota from your operator of how much packet data you can use in a month, it's a pain to first find the Logs application, open the packet data counter, then try and work out how much data you have left from the amount used so far.
● Data Quota shows two simple bars: one showing how much of the data for this month you have used; and one showing how much of the month has elapsed. This lets you tell at a glance if you've been using data up too fast or two slow, so you can be more frugal or let rip!
● On the first of each month (or whenever your quota resets on billing day), clear the packet data counter. For example: Tools -> Log -> Packet data -> Options -> Clear counters

A summary of changes to Data Quota.

1.26 - Added Hebrew and updated Polish.

1.25 - Added Ukrainian.

1.24 - Added Polish and updated Italian.

1.23 - Fixed missing application icon on S60 3rd Edition devices (e.g. Nokia E62, E70, N71). Verified with E70 using RDA. The application is built using an S60 3.2 SDK, and S60 3.0 devices can't read the compressed MIF files it builds.

1.22 - Updated the certificate used for self-signing. The previous was only valid for one year and expired on 11th January 2010. The new one is valid for 10 years and expires 14th January 2020.

1.21 - Added Korean.

1.20 - Added Greek.

1.19 - Added French.

1.18 - Russian and Turkish fixed.

1.17(0) - Added Italian and Russian.

1.16(0) - Added Hungarian and updated German.

1.15(0) - Added Serbian, and twitter page to the About box.

1.14(0) - Added Finnish, and fixed non-Latin character encoding ( issue 14 ).

1.00(12) - Added Swedish and Chinese PRC.

0.1.11 - Added Slovak, and put the date and verison in the navipane.

0.1.10 - Added Spanish.

0.1.9 - Added Brazilian Portuguese and Czech.

0.1.8 - Added German.

0.1.7 - Added Romanian, and moved Refresh from the Options menu to the right softkey.

0.1.6 - Fixed issue 6 : Setting quota to zero stops the application working.

0.1.5 - Fixed issue 3 : bug with large quota.

0.1.4 - Added Turkish.

0.1.3 - Fix for the first part of issue 1 -- edit the billing day (i.e. day zero) in case your quota isn't reset on the first of the month.

0.1.2 - Self-signed so you don't need to use Symbian Signed Online.

0.1.1 - Draw dotted lines to show the other bar's position. If you've used more data than the quota allows, draw the data bar and text in red. "Enter quota" -> "Edit quota".

0.0.1 - First version released.