Ruth Madoff has been helping a charity delivering meals to the elderly and housebound in Florida.

Friends say she has chosen to volunteer to ‘atone for the sins’ of her husband.

Madoff started a life sentence in June 2009 after being convicted of swindling investors out of £45billion.

His homes in Manhattan and Palm Beach were seized by the US authorities leaving Mrs Madoff staying with her sister in Boca Raton.

The 67-year-old, who drives a 14-year-old car for her rounds, has denied any knowledge of her husband’s con.

‘To say that I feel devastated for the many whom my husband has destroyed is truly inadequate,’ she said on the day he was jailed.

Meanwhile, her unrepentant husband, 72, reportedly told fellow inmates in a North Carolina prison: ‘F*** my victims, I carried them for 20 years.’

by metro