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mutes the ticks but kips voice volume.

found this:

Screen = WQVGA
Screen = QVGA
ShowPOIShortcuts = 1
Appears in the menu button, quick search POI. Eg. gas stations, ATMs, SOS, parking, restaurants, ATMs.

date_parity_check = 1
In the Options choice of routes will be added (or two), where something can be included in the control of the route. This is something that some roads have the special property - this is for them to ride only in odd or even days of the month. If you know this with us and therefore it is irrelevant here. Cf. User-ahx -

consider_green_line = 1
Inserted into the route choice / option to avoid the "Crossing green line" Yes / No. that is for Israel

SunsetAngle = 8
In essence, changing the value should change the time when the navigational switches to night / day mode. Seemed unproven.
Examples: Greece, Turkey = 5, Poland = 15

PhotosDir = \ Storage Card \ Photos
Changes saved photos
Troubles is that I can not view the photos just by uploading them to this directory.
Does me just when you import some photos over MioMore desktop to the device and then copy the contents of the directory of moovka tab.

ShowExit = 1
Exit button appears in the main menu (only makes sense if you unlocknuto and last update)

show_warning_window = 0
No warning at startup

warning_on_wakeup = 1

if you put 1 here then even if you put "show_warning_window = 0" after you turn off miomoov device (not reset) when you turn it on you will have warning.

auto_zoom_delay = 5
5 seconds stamina change the zoom button done / - and then followed by Return to Autozoom

auto_zoom_max = 15
detail on who will normally set Autozoom while driving - it's actually the maximum delay to allow Autozoom, before crossing zoomuje in greater detail (more are approaching), the intersection Returning again to this value,
When you change the zoom buttons / - followed a few seconds

auto_zoom_delay =
Returning again to this value. value is defined allegedly
the number of meters per pixel in the range of 0-32, experimental mam verified that it came about X * 7 (15 = 100m, 20 = 140 meters, 40 = 280 meters)

exc_speed_cams = Osterreich, Deutschland, Schweiz
systemic prohibited displaying the radar in these countries. Deleting run a risk of penalties for violation of local law (maybe a fine or confiscation of equipment)

MapColors = skin_day.lvx
NightMapColors = skin_night.lvx
sets the day and night color scheme maps (skin). More about skinning a. LVX files in tematu Skins Moovko

MapDir = \ My Flash Disk \ Program Files / MioMap
Map = europe_full_200804.cpf

----oynak wrote:
----How can I see all the maps on my device.
----I can only use 1 map.

----add this :
-----Map=\Card path\program name path\Maps\map name.cpf
-----MapCPFBase=\Card path\program name path\Maps
-----MultimapDir=\Card path\program name path\Maps
-----MapCPFBase=\Card path\program name path\Maps

disable_ticks = 1
This command forced to cancel acoustic signaling pressing buttons.

SysBatteryNotification = 0
Perhaps the ban on display warnings discharged battery.

buildings = 1
Displaying buildings?

LaneInfo = 1
Signposts = 1
add navigating the lanes and the turn signal. Does version 2.4.4208193. Knowledge-by-joojip My findings - it works.

Captionless = 1
Less buttons?

What we do not know:
Topmost = 1
ExpWrn = 1
ShowMinimizeBtn = 1
use_pois = 650,453,426,411,504 .....
SaveTimeZone = 1
ControlBrightness = 1


NavPix = 0
hides this feature from the main menu (including menu will exit only on 2 pages)

MioConnect = 0
hides this feature from the main menu (including menu will exit only on 2 pages)

UseLCID = 1


language = 5
gender = 1

time format 0 = 24, 1 = 12

unit = 0
format = 0 metric Peace


Found = vsp1: "57,600.8 N1, none

NMEAStreamTimeout = 1000
position data from GPS Mio will update more often. Instead of 3 seconds in 1 second.
It should be greater accuracy. Mio finds a faster signal. When go down the route and knows it faster, etc.

buttons = 1
When you view any worksheet in the Mio menu at the right edge of the button displays navic first / previous / next / last item, so you need only flip style ala iPod (scraping finger up and down) but you also clicking on the button


UseGNS = 1 to show Moov 360 stations found 108.00 Mhz

mio moov 300, navmen unlock, miopocket 49

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