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    May 2007

    Padrão New Official Firmware [HDS2-11-01-02:0899CMT] and L53_MOD_Dump.

    New Official Firmware [HDS2-11-01-02:0899CMT] and L53_MOD_Dump.
    This is a New Official Firmware version, and was released on [06 January 2011]
    The New Official Firmware version do not include any channels.

    The L53_MOD dump file is based on firmware version [HDS2-11-01-02:0899CMT]
    The modified download includes a full channel list pre-installed.

    Included in the Dump file is a multi-satellite channel list.
    The channel list default setting is DisEqC 1.2.
    Coverage of the channel list is: 45east to 30west.
    Included in the zip file is a replace.list.
    The channel list can also be used on a fixed dish setup, simply click the Zoom or SatList button, and select any satellite from the data base that you wish to access.
    ================================================== =================================

    What's New:
    In version [HDS2-11-01-02:0899CMT] the following have either been added, fixed or changed:
    1 .. Making a full system dump is now fixed.
    2 .. CCcam Priority option added.
    3 .. Security Password when entering sections such as the CCcam secrion has now been deactivated.
    4 .. On Bootup the display will once again show the IP Address used in your clines.
    6 .. A few minor bugs addressed, making the receiver more stable.

    Well over 200 new or updated channels on various satellites.
    Re-organised channel list on a number of satellites.
    A number of non accessable channels removed from various satellites.

    I believe all the channels that cause rebooting problems, have now been removed.
    To optimize this list & receiver to it's full potential, you will require a full multi-sat coverage cline.
    ================================================== =================================

    If this is the first time you have uploaded a Dump.file, then you will need to read the following instructions:-
    1 Click Menu -> System Setup -> TV System -> Video Resolution this will return to the default setting of [1080i 60] after each upload, if your TV has a refresh rate of 50Mhz then set the video resolution to [1080i 50] and the picture will become clear now press exit
    Now select Local Time Settings and set it as follows if your in the UK:
    1 GMT Usage ... ON
    2 GMT Offset .. UTC+00:00
    3 Summer Time . OFF
    now click exit and exit again
    Now select Network Local Setting and if your router supports DHCP then set it to On
    otherwise you will need to configure the settings manually, once you have set it up click Apply then exit
    Finally click CCcam Plug Setting, if you already have an active cccam.cfg file transfer it to a USB Stick insert the stick into the USB connection on the rear of the receiver and click Update Files By USB then select Option 1 in the popup box and click the OK button then click the Yellow button and your cccam.cfg files will be transfered
    Now you need to activate the files, click CCcam Plug Setting then Manage Config Files click Option 1 and select each file in turn and click the OK button when you have a tick next to the files you wish to activate then exit.
    To finish the activation and configuration process you must now reboot your receiver, then once it has restarted all should be okay.
    The channel list included in the HDS2_L53_MOD file, includes the latest L53 multi-satellite channel list, this is by no means a finished list, and is still an ongoing project WITH REGULAR UPDATES.
    ================================================== =================================

    How to add the replace.list file.
    Click Menu -> Network Local Settings -> MGCamd Plug Settings -> Update Files by USB
    -> replace.list [MGCamd Plug] now click either the OK or Green button to select replace.list and place a check mark next to it, once the check mark or tick is visable click the Yellow button to upload.
    You can then if you wish, check to see if the replace list has been correctly added, by clicking Manage Config Files and clicking on relace.list if all went well, you will see the following line: X: {{ 1833 } { 1702 }}
    ================================================== =================================

    Anyone may use, or share this modified Dump file, all I ask is that you do not remove, or edit the files included in any way, or add any other extra files, which are mainly spam, giving credit to some obscure web site.
    Of course we are aware of the fact, that some still have a tendancy to ignore the above request.

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