AutoMapa 6.7.0 Beta Europe Russia (2010) | 2.3 Gb

AutoMapa helps you find the quickest or shortest route. The program takes into *** the negatives of turns, reversals, one-way traffic in major cities. The shorter the distance, the more quickly routed. AutoMapa calculates the length of the route and time of travel.
Year: 2010
Version: 6.7.0
Developer: AutoMapa
Language: Multilingual
Coverage Area: Europe Russia
Medicine: Disinfected
Size: 2.3 GB

System Requirements:
WinCE (all), PC (XP, Vista, 7), PPC (WM 5.0 - 6.5.5)

If you have deviated from the route, the software automatically lays an alternative route. You will never get lost. In the case of blocking of roads or traffic jams AutoMapa will consider a detour.

Do you think that looking at a map while driving - not safe? We - yes! Therefore, AutoMapa supports voice prompts. The program will warn in advance of the next road maneuver. You can select the voice and language.

Despite its small size, the screen handheld is sufficient to view a map of the city or even country. Zoom slider accelerates the change of scale, providing quick access to detailed and general appearance. To zoom in, you can also use the up and down.

Choice of color schemes for day and night use (choice of color schemes for day and night use)
Color scheme - is not only a matter of taste! Special scheme for driving at night reduces the brightness of the screen so it does not blinded. During the day, you can choose from several color schemes in accordance with their preferences, and lighting conditions.

Ext. Information:
Version 6.7.0 Beta has already healed, to download, install and enjoy!