* Enigma2 2.6: 22.01.11
* Enigma2 Plugins 2.6: 22.01.11
* Newnigma2 Plugins: 22.01.11
* driver: 15.12.2010
* secondstage: 76D
* kernel: 2.6.18


* Feature: EPGCacheSelector (choose the file and location of the epg cache file)
* Feature: User can now decide if manual activated infobar should be hidden automatically (settings can be found in system settings)
* Feature: Installer checks now every x hours or on system startup for updates (settings can be found in system settings)
* Feature: Devicemanager internal routines changed from hotplug to udev netlink
* Feature: Now with slovakian translation on feed.
* Feature: Oled now with number of the currently running channel and improved layout
* Feature: Simplified picon installation
* Bugfix: camd menu, camd list wasn't visible sometimes
* Bugfix: systeminfo crashes in some strange cases
* Bugfix: dvd speed settings have not an affect
* Bugfix: dvdhandling improved
* Bugfix: menu -> plugins (german: erweiterungen) now linked to our onlineinstaller
* Bugfix: large file support for FAT32 (now its possible to create partitions and files >1GB)
* Bugfix: dvdbackup .iso image creation
* Update: nl, lt and fr translations updated
* Update: dvdread and dvdnav updated
* Update: satellites.xml by [email protected] 15.01.2011
* Update: dosfstools to 3.0.11
* Added: enigma2-plugin-extensions-easymedia to feed
* Added: enigma2-plugin-extensions-fancontrol2 to feed
* Added: enigma2-plugin-extensions-reconstructapsc to feed
* Added: enigma2-plugin-extensions-seekbar to feed
* Removed: dvdburn and depends removed from image (dm8000). Saves 8MB flash

Infos for skinners:

* You don't have to use skindir/newnigma2 folder for icons, they are now integrated. If you want to use your own png's, dont delete this folder in your skin
* extInfoBarSkins.xml is removed. Dont use this file anymore, it is no longer available, but you can activate the ecm info screen still via osd preferences

Isetting vh
Tunisia sat 2.1 addons manager
Youtube player
Key Downloader
Web Interface

CCcam 221
Scam 360

Tuner dvb-t installed:

Tested on Pingtech800 :clapping: