Ferrari SSL78F EDG-Nemesis2.1 dm800

OE git repo opendreambox-1.6 of: 11-02-2011
• Enigma git repo Experimental of: 15-02-2011
• Enigma2-Plugins git repo of: 14-02-2011
• Linux version 2.6.18-7.4-r9.0
• Web Interface: 1.6.6
• Busybox 1.15.3-r24.6
• Date image 15-02-2011 svn 066
• Bitbake 1.8-dream
• Secondstage SSL78F
• Drivers date 20101215

Function keys:
• BLUE - Panel EDG-Nemesis
• BLUE> 1s Extensions
• 2x BLUE - Addons
• Yellow - Timeshift
• YELLOW> 1s Plugin
• GREEN-EPG Control Center
• GREEN> 1s subservices
• RED - Record Menu

Main features:
• Panel EDG-Nemesis 2.1
• No reboot after installing the enigma settings from Blue Panel
• Reduced reboots after installation of enigma Blue Panel
• New ADDONS Management (the old Repository will be stopped)
• Skin Based on HD-Glass 15 by shamann
• Shortcut for Package Manager IPK on Blue Panel (Blue->Blue)
• Shortcut for Software Update on Blue Panel (Blue->Blue)
• Shortcut for Extansions Manager on Blue Panel (Blue->Blue)
• Shortcut for Network Browsing on Blue Panel (Blue->Red)
• Improvement/Fixed Extansions Manager
• Improvement/Fixed Software Update
• Improvement/Fixed OPKG Package Manager
• Manage Panel for OPKG Package Manager
• Fade Management for InfoBar (On Show, On Hide, On Zap)
• Full support for e2_loadepg
• Support for your own scripts
• Manage Start / Stop Services
• Manage Start / Stop Services on boot
• Manage kernel modules
• New Information System
• Separate Management Third Party Programs
• Support for a private server addons
• Picon support for OSD channel name or reference
• Mode Vision LCD
• Support for swap files
• Support for EZ-Inadyn IpUpdate
• Support Proxy
• Support OpenVPN
• Replaced with OpenSSH Dropbear
• Support for SFTP
• Support for readers Smargo
• Support for readers Omnikey
• Support for USB WiFi
• Samba server, Samba client, NFS Server
• Running Linux commands
• Choice InputBox (default) or VirtulaKeyBoard (experimental), for EPG Search and Run Command
• Fixed Mediaset EPG
• EPG black list, excluding channel MHW epg (see / etc/enigma2/epg.blacklist)
• Support for DVD writer external
• Support for mkv files
• Support for formatting USB Device
• Support for most of the pens DVB/T USB on the market
• New Management Panel to Manage/Install DVB/T USB Drivers

***** NOTE *****
For upgrade EDG firmware to svn 071 from box menu
first make Feed-Repo update
blue - blue - Download Addons- e2Update-Feed-Repo
and then FW update

otherwise you will get svn 069 date image 17-02-2011
and you will have to make one more update again, but its still working way.