Openpli is faster image in slow dm800 how could perform in dm500hd,install and see
enigma from source 15-7-2011 by gjstroom
skin-army ported for pli by crille4
bootlogo goldentimes by aguda
spinner fan by persian prince
prepared for dm500hd by mFaraj57
support by sim201

For only sim201 dreambox internal flash or in multiboot

image 19-7-2011
enigma 15-7-2011 from source credit for gjstroom
drivers 6-5-2011 modified-mfaraj57
bootloader ssl83
size:41 mb-compressed

skin army-crille



default plugins
TSpanel 3.1
Livefootball 2.5

-working video player and time shift
-working vlc

Image flashing
-Internet explorer(recommonded)

multiupload download

save your settings before flashing new image

- Openpli is incompatible with barry allen and i think so with meoboot if you want to use this image and multiboot,install any recent image in flash and install pli to multiboot
-addons and cams download from menu-plugins-download plugins
-cam setup menu-setup-softcam/ci

Thanks for sim201 team for continuous support

have fun

mfaraj57 20-7-2011

Thanks mfarj57