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Marwensat 1,0 maxvar DM500s

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    Padrão Marwensat 1,0 maxvar DM500s

    Tunisian pilot is: Marwensat1.0 maxvar DM500s23092011

    Exclusive Trial please brothers united for the image of Tunisia Marwensat 1.0 maxvar DM500s_22092011 were built by his brother Marwan, individually and in the add-ons server load, and soon will be added to new and beautiful Skinat ask everyone to experience and benefits Bmlhozatkm on the image to achieve, God willing, the best minor


    Technical Infos:

    * Enigma of: 22.09.2011
    * Linux version 2.6.9
    * GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS
    Web Interface: Expert
    * Busybox 1.0.1
    * Tuxtxt v. 1.109
    * MaxVAR

    Function keys:
    * BLUE - Smart Panel
    * 2x BLUE - Accessories
    * YELLOW - Plugins
    * YELLOW> 1s - CS Info
    * GREEN - subservices
    * RED - EPG list for active channel

    * Fixed Egauge
    * Turn off progress_bar for eventview
    * Turn off the channel list progress_bar
    * Independent Start & Stop CARDSERVER
    * Advanced Inadyn configuration, with log manager
    * Setting PVR Movie folder
    * Picon support included in Enigma (see var / etc / icon)
    * Fixed Timeshift
    * Fixed Preview skin
    * S: Arabic, English, French, Italian
    * Advanced external programs control
    * Can start / stop your own binary by panel (see / var / etc /
    * Can create your own autostart boot
    (See: / var / etc /
    * Advanced user
    * It can operate in kernel mode
    * Automount (see / var / /
    * Advanced System info (see / var / etc / xml).
    * Advanced emu information (see: / var / etc / emu.xml)
    * Parental control shortcut
    * Emm, ecm support

    * Start / Stop Ngrab
    * Games

    Display functions:
    * New Skin BlackRedline By Marwen
    Display SNR, AGC, Ber
    * Display video information
    * Display frequency, polarization, symbol rate
    * Display service providers name
    Display CAID, ProvID, PID
    Display DC as Irdeto in OSD
    * Display long date format

    * Advanced ons Manager - Emu, Plugins, Locale, Picon
    * Internet download with Proxy support add-ons
    * Installation of additives
    * Remove installed add-ons

    No emu, no keys

    -------------------------------------------------- -------
    Compiled with Ubuntu Marwen
    -------------------------------------------------- -------

    : The image can be transmitted by Dreamup or Flashwizard

    leave you with pictures and download:

    Marwensat 1.0 maxvar DM500s_22092011.rar

    Para quem eu estiver OFF enviem PM

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    Please my brothers exclusive second version of the image of Tunisia wonderful

    Marwensat 2.0 Maxvar DM500s_05102011

    Marwensat 2.0 Maxvar DM500s_05102011

    have been built by the brother Marwan , individually and including server load addons and soon will be added Skinat new and beautiful

    new on 05/10/2011 :

    - a new boot image
    - Add cancel automatic update feature channels (disable service update name)
    - you can see the channels through Webinterface
    - some updates on the server load addons

    features photo:

    the image can be passed through Dreamup or Flashwizard or Dreambox OptiFlasher

    I leave you with pictures and download :


    Good luck and greetings to all

    Para quem eu estiver OFF enviem PM

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