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    Oct 2006

    Padrão SYS (txt) iGO / Primo - Configuración

    SYS (txt) Configurator for iGO / Primo

    Windows PC with .NET framework installed

    Newest Version 1.2.1 with Multi-Language (English, Spanish, French) and many other improvements.
    Due to some bug fixes, if you have a previous version, please delete it and download/use this one.

    Excellent tool for modifying or checking the syntax of lines in sys.txt for either iGO 8.x or Primo 1.x
    To create a new sys.txt, open program, click File > New. Select the category, and mark the options you want. Continue with other categories as desired. Then click "Create sys.txt" button. Save it where you like.
    You can also load an existing sys.txt for modification by clicking File > Open, and browse to your sys.txt file.

    Please note that an excessively long sys.txt is not recommended. Do not check every possible option!
    Many options are the defaults that come from data.zip and to repeat them all in sys.txt will do nothing except to make the navigation program load slower.
    Sys.txt should only be modified to accomplish a specific goal.
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