Official Image Backup @ isayuksel Wu solo 29/12/2011 (kernel 3.1.1)

Installation and initial settings::

First, download the latest version of the new image for usb installing cihazımıza: Vu + Solo USB Stick Installation Instructions for the picture

After the setup wizard after installing the software is encountered. At this stage, I just do the language selection. Other transactions without getting out of the wizard.

Language Turkish is selected.

We check the network settings using.

Menu> Setup> System> Network section of the "Network hardware settings" kumandamızın come on "OK" button is pressed.
User Interface: yes
Use DHCP: yes

We take note of the IP address of the current settings section.

If the link I gave on the network setup problem can examine this topic: Vu + wired / wireless network setup and test procedure

I need to do some adjustments in order to install Channel List.

Menu => System => Customize section of the user experience, "expert" as a change. Yet at the same place;
(Menu => System => Customize section) Enable the use of multi-bouquet "yes" to change. Kumandamızın green button to save the changes (OK) is pressed.

Again, we can do with the channel setting, install, and the computer for other tasks "Webinterface" plug-in needs to create.

For this
Menu => Plugins => Green Key (Attachment Download) A is pressed.
Extension information indiriliyor.Lütfen wait ... Extensions into categories will be displayed after a period of warning.

Here, under the extensions section "Webinterface" plug-in point to the OK button is pressed kumandamızın. "Extensions-Webinterface" Do you want to download the plug-in? A message will come in the form. kumandamızın yes option while on the "OK" button is pressed.

"Practice is over" key to exit kumandamızın are going to see the text.

Now we can install Settingimizi Channel: 4 different methods to throw the Channel List (Contacts).


VU + Plus HDTV Channel Setting on the setting of the current channel is loaded.
(December 26, 2011 4 Satellite: Turksat, Hotbird, Astra EutelsatW3 and 19.2)
@ Galaxy2002

Menu> Setup> Satellite Configuration> Settings section came Tuner Tuner configuration.


A tuner: (Simple) DiSEq A / B / C / D: 42 ° / 13 / ° 7 ° / 19.2 °

Note: You will notice after installing the first channel tuner ayarlamızı have made our list. Thus, because of the possible names of different satellites, satellite broadcasts, which may be taken in setting, we have prevented errors.

Add-on (plugin) installs are doing:

We want to use the system of plugins and other add-ons are building the system. But first, "SoftwareManager" (Software Management) plugin from scratch.
Downloadable add-ons => systemplugins under the "SoftwareManager" kumandamızın come on "OK" button is pressed. "Systemplugins-softwaremanager" Do you want to download the plug-in? A message will come in the form. kumandamızın yes option while on the "OK" button is pressed.

"Practice is over" key to exit kumandamızın are going to see the text.

Us to establish this, more add-ons management (remove more options and add-ons) will provide the opportunity. In addition, there are also some of the features. For now I will not discuss them.


İndirlebilir add-ons => systemplugins under the "SoftwareManager" was established.

Menu => Add-ons section when we will begin to realize Changeable. Red button (Manage Add-ons) will Changeable first attracted our attention. Add-on with setting up and removing the key from the dropdown menu will no longer red.

Menu => Add-ons come to the section Kumandamızın Red button (Add-ons) is pressed. Updating the software catalog for a while after their stay at the screen a message that the system will be a list of plugins into categories. When you press the OK button on your remote control, point to the categories of any plug-ins will be listed in that category. Fainter ones installed plugins are installed here. You want to install (or you want to remove), add-ons by checking the set up here (or remove).

We are under the System category "StartUpService" i, under the direction of the image "videmode" select plug-ins. With red button (back), she next to red button (Close) are going. "Add-on Management activity information" window, choose plug-in (s) will be seen. In the meantime, we press the OK button kumandamızın installation (or removal) will start. Install (or uninstall) after the end of the process to restart istemedğimiz tamamalandığı and a window will pop up on the question. "Yes" by pressing the OK button on the Kumandamızın while providing our device to restart.

Because when we started again we set up our device with plug-in power-videomode connection settings will be related to the shape and resolution.


HDMI is selected.
1080i was chosen

Image configuration.


Menu> Setup> System> Audio / Video settings section to come
4:3 content is as follows: Just Scale
> 16:9 content is as follows: Just Scale
changed to. Green Key (OK), with the changes noted.


Under the System category, hotplug,
PermanentClock under the System category,
PositionerSetup under the System category,
Satfinder under the System category,
Setpasswd under the System category,
VideoEnckancment under the System category,
VlcPlayer under the Software category,
Autoresolution under the category of multi-media,
MyTube under the category of multi-media,
SimpleRSS under the category of multi-media,
VirtualZap under the category of multi-media,
WeatherPlugin under the category of multi-media,
Multi-media category was established under the YouTubePlayer


Time zone: (GMT +02:00) Athens, Istanbul, Minsk
set as the startup service: Channel D

Whenever you install plugins as external. Ipk file via ftp / tmp directory, take, then give the following command telnet device to restart and finally enough.

ipkg install / tmp / *. ipk


Important note: Copy and paste the command can Yıkarıdaki shape. In addition, there is no need to type the name of the plugin. "*. Ipk" refers to all the ipk files with the extension. Tmp folder, the file name without the file extension Dolaysısyla which allows you to install the ipk.


turkuazpanel_0.3.5_mipsel.ipk established.


enigma2-plugin-extensions-dreamexplorer_7.3_mipsel.ipk established.


Nstreamplayer was 0.3 plugin.


enigma2-plugin-extensions-subtitleplayer_3.10_mipsel.ipk established.


enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-bouquetsprotection_0.1_all.ipk established


ShowClock established. exit, press the key long-term.


BitrateWiewer established.


Sherlock was 5.0.


Buyukbang panel v.1.1 beta 2 is established. (@ Exenonline)


file was edited on nStreamPlayer. @ Dursundursun


enigma2-plugin-extensions-enhancedmoviecenter_3.0.0_all.ipk established.


enigma2-skin-hdglass16_4_03_mipsel.ipk established.


enigma2-plugin-extensions-webmedia_4.2-r0_mipsel.ipk established.


enigma2-plugin-glasssysutil_4.07_mipsel.ipk established.


tunisiasat-addons-manager_3.0 was downloaded.

Our device after restarting;


Menu => Plugins => tunisiasat-addons-manager_3.0 E-sport came under the first olarakPlugins livefootball (3.4b) under the Plugins-multimedia "Netradioturk_2.6-b" + "Netraditurk satation 2.7" and was CccamInfo

Enigma2 plugin extensions are not included in Backupda appletrailer mipsel.ipk 0.1 plug-in as described above, download and build it. Must have on your hdd for this extension to work. During the installation of the folders is the hdd. This is caused by ftp with the / tmp directory after sending telnette ipkg install / tmp / *. ipk to be established by executing the command.

Emu are doing the installation:

Note: Emu glasssysutil installation is made of.

Glass in the remotes UnivCam Manager (0) key you want to install other emuları.

In this case, you need to do CCcam.cfg file / etc directory under the server by entering the edit information.

CCcam 2.3.0
Mgcamd 1:37 and
Mgcamd was 1:38.

CCcam 2.3.0 emu Backupda appointed as active. After pressing the Blue button to change the list of the add-on Emu Glass-UnivCam emuları Manager section, select the other active can come.

CCcam.cfg enter a file server

key establishment and key update installer we also deal with:

Hacksat-k e y-downloader-e2_1.1-30102010_mipsel.ipk file via ftp download / tmp folder after sending telnette;


Export MALLOC_CHECK_ = 0
ipkg install-force-overwrite / tmp / Hacksat *

give the command.

Kurulumlarımızı our config and do the other.

I gave the following link if you want to change the threads by taking advantage of funding bootlogo and radio:

Vu + bootlogo replacement program, use of ready-bootlogolar ...

If you want to download picon file. Türksat_Hotbird_Astra19_Eutelsatw3 picon file download, download folder, remove zipten / usr/share/enigma2 / directory should be submitted under