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    Padrão Dreambox Android app for Enigma1 / Enigma2

    Dream VLControl v0.1 Beta for Android devices from version 2.2 Froyo:

    This app not only serves as a remote control, but mainly for streaming on the PC using VLC Player.
    There is no need for additional software on the PC.
    The VLC player has to run only with web interface ("vlc.exe - intf telnet - extraintf http")

    - Settings for Dreambox and VLC player can be changed
    - List of all bouquets
    - If a bouquet is selected, all transmitters loaded
    - Switch to the selected channel, and then the VLC stream started on the PC (there must be the server running VLC)
    - List the EPG data per channel
    - Changing the VLC player by volume up / down button
    - By zapping a long press on volume up / down

    Therefore must be taken for streaming on the PC no mouse / keyboard more in the hand.
    The phone performs the function of a remote control, but in front of the PC.

    - To install the app, it is essential that applications are not approved Market
    - To set under "Settings> Applications (Apps)> Unknown Origin"
    - Then copy the app to the SD card and install via file manager and open

    Test environment:
    - Android 2.3.7 on a Samsung Galaxy Ace
    - VLC Media Player in Windows 7 01/01/11
    - Enigma1 Gemini Project 4.60 DM600 on a

    Known issues:
    - There are no bouquet, channel and EPG data is cached. The problem with auto-rotation, because the data is loaded again and again.
    - Currently, this version is only compatible with Enigma1. A version for Enigma2 equipment is in progress.
    - If "Load EPG instantly" is set in the settings will not load all the channels.
    - At some stations a double required to start the VLC stream.
    - ...

    - This is a beta version, the app may still contain errors and could not be adequately tested on different hardware.
    - The installation of this app at your own risk.

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