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    How to Import/Export Openbox/Skybox channel list (.dbs file) in MediaBox Editor Studio

    Things you will need:-
    1. You will need to download and install MediaBox Editor Studio. The first time you use this you will need to change the languange to English.
    2. A channel list.

    How to Import into MediaBox:-
    1. Change file extension of your channel list from .DBS to .ABS
    2. Load MediaBox and press F9 (Import) and choose "ALi Gen NoCAS" as import type using the default filetype of "List Channels ALi Generic No CAS (*.udf; *.abs)"
    3. Browse to the location of where your .ABS channel list is.

    That's it. You can now use MediaBox to do simple things like cut/paste and drag/drop unlike other editors for the Openbox/Skybox.

    How to Export from MediaBox:-
    1. Press F11 (Export) and choose "ALi Gen NoCAS" as export type using the default filetype of "List Channels ALi Generic No CAS (*.udf; *.abs)"
    2. Choose the exact same filename you chose when you imported the file.
    3. When prompted about replacing existing file, choose 'Yes'
    4. If prompted about export only selected channels, choose 'No'
    5. Your new exported .ABS will have the same filename as you originally imported with but it will be appended with "_List01" before the file extension. For example, say you imported "TP_PROG.ABS" this will be exported as "TP_PROG_List01.ABS".
    6. Change filename of your exported file to TP_PROG.DBS.

    That's it. Now just add the channel list to your Openbox/Skybox using the "Upgrade by USB" option as normal.
    However, having used MediaBox a few times I have discovered what seems like the odd (I think ramdom) glitches. I discovered that having made changes to some favourite channels that theses didn't save as I wanted. This happened only sometimes.

    Despite this and although not perfect, I still think it's the easiest for making channel changes. Hopefully, this odd glitch will be fixed in a newer version or a work-around can be found.

    What I recommend doing is after making channel changes and exporting, you keep MediaBox open and use PVR Editor to read the TP_PROG.DBS file just created to make sure your channel list is how you wanted it before adding to your Openbox/Skybox.

    Naming Favourites within MediaBox is useless as the Openbox/Skybox use the favourites what are saved on the box itself and not in the channel .DBS list.

    MediaBox only supports channel lists produced by the Openbox/Skybox that have extensions ending '.DBS'. Some Openbox/Skyboxes like the Openbox X5 that have channel lists ending in '.BIN' aren't supported.
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