PKT SVN-2595 HYPERION v3 Image
SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-5557
MIPS OpenPLI GIT-11190

Known Issues:
[ADB] PIG can cause unexpected uboot remove due to error decoder design - as written by Jacek, so we can not guarantee 100% secure
PIG pode causar uboot inesperado remover devido ao design decodificador de erro - como escrito por Jacek, por isso não podemos garantir 100% seguro]

Added by PKT:

[ALL SH4] add 6xPOWER = force reboot
[MIPS] add SWAP support (default off)
[arm] add djmount
[ALL] update channel list
[MIPS] start wizard fixes
[ALL] EmuManager fix GS if CAM removed;
[HyperCube] set recording path to /hdd/movie
[MIPS] IMDb visibility added to plugin browser
[LX] set default yellow as Plugin browser
[LX] fix vfd info in movie player
[MIPS] fix restart CCcam with GUI restart
[MIPS] fix Aspect Selection
[MIPS] added Infobar show on EXIT key pressed
[LX] keymap - added aspect ratio switch to PLUGIN key
[LX] fix Audio Selection
[LX] fix a/v video mode
[all] update backup manager translation
[HC * IPBox] BootSetup and Install Manager fixes
[ALL] Emu Manager - fix for to long name of Cam file
[MIPS] fix info play reminding on front panel in Media Player
[ARM] fix EPG saving/loading
[sh4] fix start script file every restart GUI
[MIPS] VideoWizard fix, default setting changes, fix of FPanel channel number displaying
[mips] add support for samba setup manager
[ALL] fix GS if streaming
[gm990] added PORTAL key to keymap
[ALL] Log raport
[mips] fix autorestore if is usb or hdd
[ALL] DLNA added ARM & MIPSEL support
[MIPS] InfoCenter code optimization
[MIPS] added CCCam info to InfoBar;
[MIPS] add dvb-t firmware
[mips] Media Player - better functionality changes
[mips] Media Player color keys functionality
[ALL] ScreenSaver smooth fading
[ALL] EMUmanager add support CCcamd
[mips] + crossepg
[mips] deppstandby plugin fix, dump mem at awaking
[MIPS] VM settings, save epg on standby, reference.dat ...
[mips] timeshift fix & others
[ALL] picons update
[mips] fix infobar/eventview show/hide
[mips] pig resized
[IP9k] add BootPlus
[ADB] add RC_Select plugin for RAW/CUT/XMP remote control select
[ALL] fix transponder info
[ALL] fix aio-grab
[ALL] PKT skins - added channel name in nr zap
[ALL] added: auto switch to standby if restarted in standby mode
[ALL] added picons path selection in skin setup : default, hdd, usb, enigma. So if you do not want to awake your hdd, just choose usb or enigma and enjoy
[GM990,GM7162] improved remote control sensitivity
[ALL] Channel Control - german lang by @data devil
[ALL] PKT SKINS - All rights reserver. Skin is integral part of PKTeam image and is not allowed to modify and use it without permission of the author.
[ALL] added StartUp to standby in DeepStandby plugin
[ALL] added PIG in movie selection ( SilverHD & RedHD skin )
[ALL] MediaPlayer fixes, added external txt/srt file support, other small addons
[7162] AGC fix
[all] fix sleep hard disk - based on data devil solution
[ALL] OC Tool - modified fast boot.
[7162] OC Tool - added 720MHz to fast boot
[ALL] Speed Tool - GUI changes, added Polish translation
[ALL] added to EPG key support for Cool TV Guide
[ALL] fixed stopping countdown for deep standby if awake + other small changes for triplex
[ALL] removed containers usage in bitrate info for smoother operation
[ALL] Deep Standby fix
[99xx] Fan Control fix
[7162] VFD icon fix
[ALL] no swap needed if crossepg not in use
[ALL] added saving EPG data file on standby
[ALL] changed virtual memory management
[ALL] add switching between eplayer/gstreamer BP>Settings>ExtraSetup>MediaFramework (experimental)
[ALL] EMUmanager fix gs when cam is incorrect
[ALL] InfoCenter - added partition filesystem info
[ALL] GS in awaiking from standby fix - getoutput issue.
[ALL] extended cache writeback delay
[ALL] EMUmanager- fix emu counter
[ALL] increased efficiency of swap file
[ALL] added clean up memory function in BP
[ALL] swap usage less aggressive. Pressure on RAM, and if insufficient then swapping.
[ALL] other smaller code changes
[ALL] sync front panel clock display in standby fix
[arm] add autorestore for arm based on sh4
[ALL] fix value OC on sti7100 and sti7109
[IPBOX99X] - added new patches for frontend driver to increase stability
[ALL] many stability fixes no included in changelog

Special THX to TDT, OpenPLI, all sh4 community and all betatesters.
Extra THX goto data devil

FTP login: root, passwd: pkteam

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