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    Sep 2006

    Padrão OpenATV-4.3-dm500hd SSL #84d by gjstroom

    OpenATV-4.3-beta-dm500hd #ssl84d

    This image is a 100% build from OpenATV source code.
    OpenATV 4.3 uses Gstreamer 1.4.4 which will give better DivX and IPTV stream playback.
    You can safely use the online update function, I tricked the driver date 100 years in the future so the present (and working) drivers are not overwritten during update.
    It's a 100% clean image !

    Please note: The image is still under development, so don't expect everything to work.

    Online updates are working !

    source: 20141211
    drivers: 20131001
    bootloader: ssl84d
    size: 60.9Mb
    skin: MetrixHD

    Image flashing:
    Internet Explorer (recommended)
    Powercycle after flashing

    OpenATV-4.3-beta-dm500hd #ssl84d



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    Sep 2006
    Above text needs some work...

    Be aware this is a APLHA TEST Image !

    Form the OpenATV site (German)

    Test Image openATV 4.3 with new GST 1:44

    Note these are APLHA TEST Images, so for everyday use, you should use the 4.2

    Download can be found here: openATV Nightly Downloads

    what's new:

    new oe-core commitments from December 2014
    BASH * Security fix included
    * New GCC 4.9.1 Updates
    * Update cglib
    * Bitbake 1.25
    * Div new linux tools updates, what can you look in the change logs future reference if you are interested in Git.
    * Update to version 1:44 big thanks to all who are to receive the new version for GST E2 to run gstreamer at it.

    what's better
    Improves divx playback
    IPTV streams playback improved.

    rest remains to be seen what the new GST so everything is allowed in new ways

    Important INFO:

    IMAGES are all untested so may be it, nothing works, you can register by fixed but it takes just come here.

    Update info:

    Clue by user: laptan

    Settings please make acquisition only channel list, please rest new, this will also improve the stability.
    The image only has 2mb free flash, you need to move some stuff to a usb flash disk:

    Move the complete Plugin directory (usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins) to your usb stick.

    init 3
    mv /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins /media/usb
    ln -s /media/usb/Plugins /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins
    init 4


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