New Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp: Players must learn to do things my way

JURGEN KLOPP laid down the law at Liverpool warning: 'It's my way or the highway'.

The new Kop boss is ready to start his Anfield revolution and wants to transform the way the Reds play.

Klopp, 48, will insist his side create their own style and get used to his high-octane pressing way of playing.

He said: "The only thing I need is players that want to help the team.

"They have to listen to what I say, that is very important because I believe it is better to have 11 players do the same thing wrong than everybody doing what they want.

"We have to do it one way and that is my way.

"Now we cannot talk about football philosophy and ball possession, playing like Barcelona, playing like whoever.

"No, this team needs to create their own style.

"If you have the ball you have to be creative but you have to be prepared that if you lose the ball the counter pressing is very important, it is very important in football.

"It is not a proposal, it is law. You have to do it and you will. That is what we all have to learn, maybe."

Klopp dismissed suggestions that he had to be convinced to work with Liverpool's policy of using a transfer committee.

He added: "For me it is enough to have the first and the last word, the middle we can discuss.

"We only want to discuss about very good players, it is discussing on the highest level.

"I am not a genius. I don't know more than the rest of the world. I need other people to get perfect information."

But he also warned they will not being going after players that are out of their reach or do not want to be at Liverpool.

The Reds have missed out on a number of big targets in recent seasons, most notably Alexis Sanchez and Willian who opted for Arsenal and Chelsea.

The former Borussia Dortmund boss said: "The whole world plays football, there are players here and players there.

"You have to go there and then look at which players are reachable and not dream of this player or this player and then always be saying, 'But they don't want to come to Liverpool'.

"If a player doesn't want to come to Liverpool, then stay away.

"If you think about the weather, stay away. If you think about other things, stay away.

"If you want to come here you are welcome. That is the first and most important issue."