DM800HDse: OpenPli 4.0 Triple Tuner ExtePlayer3 / GStreamer 1.11 IPTV 1000+ free FTA IPTV channels

Description of the image :

- Image compatible with DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T and IPTV / Streaming, all in one image
- Image optimized for Streaming and IPTV
- GStreamer 1.11 for Streaming / IPTV and playback (VoD)
- ExtePlayer3 for Streaming / IPTV and playback (VoD)
- Pre-installed list of more than 1000 channels FTA IPTV / Streaming Free
- Latest version of Python-pycrypto, new ca-certificates, dvbmediasink, e-alliance rtmpdump, overscan wizard, SSLv3 support, FFmpeg, mx3Ls serviceapp with EPG support, Flash extender PPanel, ffmpeg, exteplayer3, gst1.0-libav , Mediaplayer2, iptv player, subssupport, HLS segfault, Mediatomb, MediaPlayer2, SubsSupport, latest OpenSSH OpenSSH OpenSSL, and Jam 5.3.
- Enigma2 of OpenPLi 4.0 of December 2016
- Built-in Wifi support for the following chipsets in the image
Ralink RT73, RT61, RT3070, RT3370, RT5370, RT7777
Realtek 8712u, 8188cu / 8192cu
ZyDAS zd1201, zd1211rw
- Integrated Addon Manager with the option of installing the following USB DVB-T Dongles/keys
Abilis AS102-SKY (AS102)
AverMedia Volar Black 850 (AF9015)
AverMedia A835 / B835 (AF9035)
AverMedia Tv Volar Green (AF9035)
AverMedia Sky DigitalKey A867 (A867)
Hauppauge Nova-T (DIB0700)
Hauppauge WinTV Siano Ministick (SIANO)
Pinnacle PCTV 74e (AS102)
TerraTec Cinergy T2 (CinergyT2)
TerraTec Cinergy T XE (AF9005)
TerraTec Cinergy T XE v2 (AF9015)
Which of the following Chipsets
AF9005 Chipset
Chipset AF9015
Chipset AF9035
SIANO Chipset
Chipset DIB0700
Chipset AS102
Chipset A867

DM800HDse OpenPLi 4.0 IPTV v21 with Triple Tuner installed (Japhar Sim) :
Código PHP:!oFE23bhT!sfD-QMCk8GVVYayaqckOdFurOSbXuB3k1eTpBR7UXNY