iGO Primo Truck + Full Europe Map 2016/12 (15-04-2017)

iGO Primo Truck (Mar 03 2016) + Full Europe Map 2016/12 (15-04-2017)| Size : 3,84 Gb

New version of GPS navigation from the market leader to provide software applications PDAs , smartphones and communicators with a navigation module (PNA and PDA Izhi with them). Despite the fact that the procedure improved functional software, redesigned menu , added new skins and voice support, Igo remain easily accessible to use navigation system. With an intuitive interface and fast response , two One - tap the screen gadgets will allow access to all of the many functions of the application , it is not distracted from the road for example.

copy iGO folder to the root of the memory card (sdcard / iGO)
install iGO_Israel_9.6.29.636868_sys_not_changed-1_google.apk

Year: 2016
Genre: Navigation
Coverage : Europe
Language: Multilingual
Tabletka: not required
Platform : Android
Type of Installer :. Apk

System Requirements : Android 2.2 +, 800MHz +, + OZU256Mb

Uploading.... http://ul.to/folder/iypinx



Testado num Galaxy S7 com Android 7.0

Programa indicado para usar em Camiões pois tem a possibilidade de colocar todos os atributos de Camião... comprimento, tara e por aí a fora ;)