Can Kim REALLY nuke US? Shock truth behind North Korea threats REVEALED

THE closest part of the US to North Korea is no stranger to Kim’s missile threats, but how worried should they be?

Guam, an American territory in the Pacific Ocean, is just over 2,000 miles from North Korea as the crow flies.

Meanwhile the closest point in the US mainland is Cape Alava, Washington, some 4,700 miles away.

It means that every time Kim Jong-un threatens the Americans, all eyes turn towards Guam.

Now the Guam Office of Civil Defense, which is charged with protecting the island, has had its say.

And according to its experts, residents of the territory have more to fear from lightning than from Kim Jong-un.

Homeland Security advisor George Charfauros Jr told locals: "Please be assured that this is no threat to us.

"What is a concern to me is things that we have no control over, like typhoons and earthquakes.

"I’ve gone on the record and stated that there's a higher probability of you being hit by lightning than by a missile launch."

The island's THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile defense system could launch 16 defensive rockets in any case, he added.

However Charfauros, quoted by the Pacific Daily News, emphasised that islanders should take steps to prepare for other disasters.

"We do ask that you have 36 hours of supplies, 36 hours of fuel, and a communications plan with your family," he said.