Twilight killers UNMASKED after stabbing mum and daughter then having sex

BRITAIN'S youngest double murderers can be named for the first time after the couple, both 15, killed two in Spalding, Lincolnshire, last April.

A High Court ruling means Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards have been unmasked.

They were convicted of murdering Kim's mother and sister in Spalding, Lincolnshire, last April.

They plotted together to kill Elizabeth, 49, and her youngest daughter Katie, 13, as they slept in their beds at their home in Spalding, Lincs.

The church-going dinner lady and her child were found with their throats slashed.

Lucas and Kim were each handed indefinite sentences with a minimum of 20 years in November last year.

Their evil crimes shocked the nation when full details of the "grotesque" murders were revealed in court.

Lucas, who was aged just 14 at the time, admitted knifing the mum and daughter in their throats as his girlfriend – also 14 – listened to them "struggling and gurgling".

The couple reportedly meticulously planned the murders as they dined on fast food in McDonald's.

Kim said she felt like "a train wreck" compared to her "bright angel" sister Katie and tried to run away and be adopted several times.

After the brutal slayings, they shared a bath and had sex, before eating ice cream and watching three of the vampire films Twilight.

They had planned to commit suicide but Kim said "for some reason it never happened" and they watched the fourth film of Twilight instead.

The couple – who the court heard had a Bonnie and Clyde-style relationship – were found to have carried out the "cold, calculated and callous" attack which saw the two victims stabbed a total of 10 times.