Are you watching Kim? US-led war fleet OPENS FIRE near North Korea

WAR drills near North Korea have stepped up a gear as warships fired a barrage of shells in a show of force to Kim Jong-un.

At least 40 vessels are taking part in massive war games in the Korean Peninsula led by super-carrier the USS Ronald Reagan.

Pictures have now been released showing a flotilla of warships unleashing a devastating live-fire onslaught from their cannons.

South Korean frigate Chungbuk led the column of vessels taking part in war games in the West Sea.

Chillingly, the drill comes after Kim moved at least 30 scud missile launchers to the rogue state’s western coast.

Meanwhile, Seoul’s military bosses revealed they are confident their missiles can totally destroy North Korea.

Naval war drills have been taking place since Tuesday as the US moved the aircraft carrier into the Korean Peninsula.

The exercises are designed to rehearse war with the North amid growing tensions of Kim’s efforts to obtain an ICBM.

North Korea always reacts furiously, claiming the drills are designed to plan an invasion by the US

The drills came as South Korea’s army presented a report to the National Assembly this week, detailing plans to defeat the North.

It is feared the biggest threat Kim poses to the South the thousands of artillery guns trained constantly on Seoul – ready to level the capital and kill tens of thousands.

Army bosses revealed their KTSSM missile – known as the artillery killer – will destroy these weapons, saving the city.

The South said three waves of missiles will be deployed to totally destroy North Korea on the advent of a war.

Kim’s howitzers would be smashed out by the KTSSMs, before larger missiles bomb nuclear bases.

Finally a third wave would strike at the leadership, in a bid to kill or flush out Kim

Tensions remain high in the region amid fears of war over Kim’s missile programme.

North Korea has been silent since September 15, failing to making good on threats to fire more missiles or detonate another H-bomb.

Today it emerged Kim’s top diplomat is in Russia for a “back channel” meeting with the US.