Israel warns Iran risk crossing RED LINE as Middle East feared on brink of WAR

IRAN has been warned it risks crossing Israel’s red line in Syria as the fear of war looms in the Middle East.

Tehran and Tel Aviv have clashed after a Israeli fighter jet was shot down by Iran-backed Syrian forces over the weekend.

Iranian exiles warned the Ayatollah risks starting a war in the Middle East unless it rows back on its aggressive policies to its neighbours.

Israeli minister Yuval Steinitz drew warned Iran against trying to transform Syria into a “forward military base” for its elite army the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

He promised Israel would respond if the Islamic Republic crossed its “red lines” after a series of clashes.

Iran is heavily backing brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad in Syria, and is believed to also use its secretive forces to back terrorist and rebel groups elsewhere in the Middle East.

Mr Steinitz warned against Iran supplying weapons to the Assad regime and the military group Hezbollah.

He promised Tel Aviv would strike back at the “source” of the weapons in an interview with Israeli military radio.

The minister blasted the Syrian army and Hezbollah for simply doing Iran’s bidding as the two arch enemies square up to each other once again.

Mr Steinitz said: "Assad and Hezbollah are the same, and if there will be an attack against us, we will not be obligated to act only against the source of the attack.

“We will reserve the right to choose the right front.”

He added: "I think Assad should think very well whether he wants to turn Syria into a forward base for Iran or allow precision missiles through Syria to Lebanon, because he himself, his regime, his government and his army can be hurt in that situation.”

Syrian anti-aircraft missiles managed to shoot down the Israeli F-16 over the weekend just after an Israeli Apache blasted down an Iranian drone.

Assad has threatened Israel with more “surprises” if they launch any more attacks on Syria.

Meanwhile, Iran said they were ready to open the “gates of hell” should war come between Tehran and Tel Aviv.

Iran celebrated the 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution on Sunday with massive marches the burning western flags – including the Union Jack.

Protesters have swept the nation this year unhappy with the Ayatollah’s regime and calling for revolution in Iran.

Syria remains completely torn apart by war, with numerous conflicts all happening at once within the fractured state.

Daily Star Sunday