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Set 22, 2006
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Cursor | 11.07MB

Why is it that people just use there normal , boring old cursor when playing on the computer?
Most people dont even know you can change that white pointy cursor. When you enter our site you can choose from over
seven thousand , five hundred different cursors. We Put a small sample of 15 at the top of this site of the 7500+ you can use.
Everything from animals to flags to cool colored cursors and tons more! If we had to say what each was you would be reading for
the next day and a half.

Free Mouse Cursors - when you enter Cursor.com you now have access to get over 7500 cursors absolutely Free.
No charge what so ever. So if you want to change that cursor of yours for good, or just try it out and see how it looks, go above and Enter the site and get your free cursors.

REMEMBER: Whenever your looking to change your Cursor , Go to Cursor.com :) ...
The Largest selection of Free Cursors and Free animated cursors on the net.

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